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Great Gift ideas from Babbleboxx For Men

Every talks about how they want to help make your life easier, rarely does that become true… then a friend of mine offered to send me a Babbleboxx – which ended up being the coolest package of gift ideas.

Now I hand picked a few of the selections to share with my reads because no only did I like the suggestions (some of which I already had and use but some of them I’m totally planning on getting for some of my friends and family as gifts.) ...  [ read more ]

Sleeping baby = Happy life

IMG_7244Suzanne and I have spent more than our fair share not sleeping – with 3 kids thats just how it goes. After all the reviews, received and purchased gear for my kids to make my life easier or their life happier and to please my wife, we finally found our secret to a getting our baby to SLEEP!  Because with our 3rd child, Harlow, we have the coolest dad invented product out there – the Newton Living Wovenaire Crib Mattress. ...  [ read more ]

Father’s Day Gift Guide of Speakers Bluetooth, Wireless, or Just Cool!

Picking out the right speakers be it a portable bluetooth set, a full on sound system, or even a headphone is always a little challenging mainly because there are like a million and one choices.

So early I shared my pick of an amazon echo (I still think its cool) but I got an email I dont have an amazon prime (or actually any) account so what should I get… ...  [ read more ]

The best tech gifts from Logitech for Father’s Day 2016 #LogiSmiles

For those Dads that love Technology, I’ve got some amazing picks from Logitech that you might want to grab for that special husband or father in your life. Not to be out done my friends over at Logitech want to see someone win all four of these prizes! (skip to the bottom to see how to enter to win!) ...  [ read more ]

Old Spice Hardest Working Collection Kit giveaway


I use Old Spice for years, its pretty much my go to in terms of deodorant.  So Starting tomorrow I’ve got an awesome giveaway pack going up on in this kit you’ll get…

The “Old Spice Hardest Working Dad” toolbox giveaway prize pack includes: ...  [ read more ]

New York Comic Con 2015 and finding real art at Choice Collectables

New York Comic Con comes and it goes but memories last forever…  This year I took my son Marc (7 years old) to NYCC15 Kids Day.  The show was packed but Marc wanted to wear his Storm Trooper costume. We walked around a while checking out the limited edition figures and toys and then we started to get to the art work.  We past this booth that was wall to wall art.  It happened to be Choice Collectables, who has taken the idea of comics as a fine art to the next level.  Each of their pieces are amazing. ...  [ read more ]

Strawberry Shortcake “Berry Best In Show”

On May 12th, you can joinunnamed Strawberry Shortcake and some new furry friends in “Berry Best in Show,” a new DVD featuring delightful “tails” about being yourself and encouraging others to do the same. During his road trip to find homes for his orphan puppies, Huckleberry Pie and his four-legged crew get stranded in Berry Bitty City. Luckily, Strawberry and her berry best pals decide to help out with the strays in “A Boy and His Dogs.” Blueberry Muffin and Huck become “Partners in Crime” when they try to write a mystery story together…with surprising results. And the fur is sure to fly when the girls try to help Huck start a dog shelter in “The Mystery of the Disappearing Dog Show.” It’s a howling good time with sweet doggy delights for everyone! ...  [ read more ]