Creating paper Memories for mom #HowLifeUnfolds

Creating paper Memories for mom #HowLifeUnfolds

With Mother’s Day quickly approaching it’s time to think of those last minute gifts to purchase (we have plenty more to say on that) but it’s also time to start thinking about the card. Rather than buying a card, why not make something from the heart. So I’ve partnered with the Paper & Packaging- How Life Unfolds campaign to share some creative ideas on how you can make your own cards and gifts for mom.

As you can see below, my girls are making mom some one-of-a-kind cards using colorful construction paper. Another simple project I love is taking colored sticky notes and having my kids write little personal notes to mom. Then they can stick them around the house and mom will find little surprise notes throughout the day.

This is a really, really beyond simple project, but it teaches the kids to remember all the small things that mom does for them. Like “Thanks for making my lunches”…. “Thanks for reading me my bed time stories”…. “Thanks for picking out my school outfits”…. “I love singing songs in the car with you”…   think of it as little notes of appreciation.

Plus we’re giving away 1 – $150 Amazon giftcard to make sure a mom has an extra special day thanks to #HowLifeUnfolds

But first the step-by-step guide.

  • We’re using this great paper set we found at staples or amazon.
  • Have the children take a sheet of paper and you can do a daily note (365 of them – if you go with this option if you write the month and a day in a corner it could become a pull calendar too) a weekly note (52) of them or just keep filling out notes till you feel like that’s enough.  
  • Place notes back into plastic and gift wrap it up.


How to win it:  Leave a comment with one saying you’d like to write on a note to mom.

Contest ends 11:59 pm EST on May 12, 2018. Limited to US residents only. Must be over the age of 18 to enter. Winners chosen at random.


Beyond last minute gift deals for moms on mothers day (it’ll get there in a few days)

Beyond last minute gift deals for moms on mothers day (it’ll get there in a few days)

So you waited… and waited… to the point that its actually mother’s day and you dont have a gift (well I can safety safe 40% of men dont have cards before noon on mother’s day).

So here are some awesome last minute gift ideas…

overviewiRobot Roomba a small robot that vacuums up after the kids is rarely on sale this weekend its a great deal for 15% off.  The promotion is title #Sorry4TheMess… they have been giving a few of them away on twitter of the last couple of days (sorry that promotion ended a few days ago and this sale ends on Mother’s Day).  Why its a good gift cause one of most mom’s pet peeves is having to pick up every little cheerio, now you can just let the roomba pick those up.

4Moms was featured on Ellen’s TV Show for mother’s day and in honor of that (weird its not just a mothers day promotion) they offering 20% off their easy to open Breeze Playard and their mamaroo seat.  I highly recommend the Breeze Playard. These are great for any expecting / soon to be mom  or a mom of a new born that needs.

Setting up a family photography session is another gift that could easily be purchased last minute… Suzanne Cohen Photography does get a few calls and emails looking for that gift certificate to be generated same day.  Here’s why I love the photography idea, cause the kids get older and bigger and getting that family portrait done by a professional – so everyone is in the shot and is also in focus. Bonus points if you combo the photography booking with a hair (like dry bar) and makeup session appointment.

Spa Week is offering $100 cards for $80 so thats a 20% savings.  Why is this a great gift – cause you dont have to worry about the type massage or facial she wanted… but you know you’re getting her a spa treatment – combo that with a day off coupon along with a night out with friends coupon and you should be out of the dog house. Really break out the kids crayons and design some fun coupons to go along with the gift certificate.

Williams-Sonoma is running a great sale on cookware for mother’s day… ranging from 10-35% off some pieces. Why is this a good gift idea – cause she’ll never buy the fancy cookware on her own.  Add to that private cooking classes (or go as couple for some fun date nights & bonding time)… I’d create a book of dish washer coupons to go along with it.

Lifeproof phone case (it would be a rockstar gift if you added a new phone into the mix too)… but lifeproof are these tough as hell phone cases that can survive in water, snow, dirt, and drops. Truly give your phone 9 lives. Many of the last model of phones are on sale for Mother’s Day. Why is this a good gift – cause how many phone has a parent lost to a bathtub or toilet (I lost one to the latter) and if I had a case like this it wouldnt have been a problem.

All of these sales start to run out by 11:59PM EST on 5/10/15… so hurry up and place that order while the sale is going on.

Mom’s Modern Handbag Giveaway thanks to Logitech

Mom’s Modern Handbag Giveaway thanks to Logitech

818T+pIdzCL._SL1500_You’ll soon see my gift guide for Mother’s day… its always a challenge to figure out what to get your wife (mother of your kids), your mom (mother of you), or maybe even your sister or sister-in-law (I’m sure by now you remember how that matters).

While its always the thought that counts on gifts with holidays like mother’s day – I think two things… 1) create a memory – do something that your family will remember. Take pictures or make videos while doing it.  and 2) if you’re giving a gift I prefer something thats useful.

710DY2Ny8EL._SL1500_Thanks to the great people at Logitech we’re giving away this awesome urban handbag (its more like a backpack) filled with really cool tech gear.

Whats in the Connected Handbag Giveaway?

81KXcVS2gyL._SL1500_How to win it… Contest ends 9:30am EST. May 6th, 2015.

You must comment telling us who your connect bag would go to? please include some method for us to contact you in the comment (twitter or email)

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Disclosure: DaDaRocks received a complementary connect bag. No other compensation was received. Contest limited to USA. Must be 18+ years old to enter to win.

Green Works Housecleaning Giveaway

Green Works Housecleaning Giveaway

The Mother’s Day madness has come and gone, but do you think one day is enough?  I propose an idea – celebrating moms for not a day, but everyday.  Check out this giveaway from Green Works that gives you the chance to reward your sweetie with a much needed break.

Green Works a line of naturally derived cleaning products from the makers of Clorox, is offering the chance to win a break from the back-breaking scrubbing, vacuuming and dusting with $400 worth of free housecleaning services.  You’ll also receive brand new products, including new Green Works Oxi Stain Remover and Chlorine-Free Bleach.

Simply watch any of HGTV’s handyman Carter Oosterhouse’s Green It Yourself Webisodes, and let me know what tip was your favorite.

How to win free housecleaning service… Contest ends 11:59pm EST. May 18th, 2011.

  • Watch any of HGTV’s handyman Carter Oosterhouse’s Green It Yourself Webisodes, and comment with the tip was your favorite and please include some method for us to contact you in the comment (twitter or email).
  • You get 1 extra entry for following @dadarocks on twitter – You must comment that you’re a follower.
  • You get 1 extra entry for following @greenworks on twitter – You must comment that you’re a follower.
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You will have 12 hours to reply before we pick another winner!
Disclaimer: Thanks to Green Works for providing the prize for this giveaway.


Even if you don’t win the grand prize, everyone can enjoy $1 off Green Works products by downloading a coupon here

Mother’s Day is here now what?

Mother’s Day is here now what?

With Mother’s day finally here – I hope you atleast got a card… I hope that your child have made cards (if you didnt buy them make one!)…

Here are a few last minute gift ideas for anyone…

The Starbucks package…  Start with a gift card, add a mug or a travel mug, drop them into a bag add some tissue paper and a card and bingo.  Going for the added special flavor add into the package a high end bag of coffee or tea.

Next up for the women who loves the gym (cause if she doesnt this would be calling them fat otherwise)…

The Gym package… Head over to her gym (she doesnt have one is a sure sign this isnt the right gift for her), add some training sessions, then get her a new gym outfit, new shoes, ect… Maybe she’s into yoga a new yoga mat is always nice and now easier and easier to find – I highly suggest Lululemon Athletica for both the outfit and the yoga mat.

Next up for the women who loves to relax and be pampered…

The day spa package… Find a good nearby spa (or one that your wife goes to) and get a giftcard for a message, facial, and whatever else they suggest. Add a $20 bill into the envelope for tips and you’re good to go.

How about the expecting Mom (or just plain expecting)…

You can pick up a book Portraits of Pregnancy: The Birth of a Mother this is great if you add it to a gift certificate for a photo shoot – there are tons of amazing photographers out there – ie. my amazing wife Suzanne Cohen Photography an expecting mother shoot is a one time thing as no two pregnancies will be the same.  Plus in 30 years they’ll look great at a wedding slideshow.

Finally the coupon book…

This isn’t one you should buy in the store but you should create 12 coupons (hopefully one that makes sense for each month) with something special on them – 1 pair of new shoes, 1 new outfit, 1 shopping trip where I wont complain about how long it takes to try on the outfits, 1 night out (without the kids), 1 movie date, 1 rated x night – I’m sure you get it by now… but have fun with it and make it things she’ll really want.

Dont forget the basics work too…

Flowers, Candy, Jewelry, and Wine seem to be the staples around here.


What are your gift suggestions for the future?