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Free Comic Book Day 2015!

116109_706142_24Last Saturday, comic book shops across the country celebrated Free Comic Book Day with signings, special appearances, sales, and of course, free comics! We got to be a part of the awesome festivities, and even picked up a few of the 50 different titles that were offered. In case you missed the announcement (or just want to check off which ones you got), here’s a look at the list of comics that were available: ...  [ read more ]

TTPM Spring Showcase Overview

IMG_2061On Thursday April 30, TTPM held its annual Spring Showcase, putting the best and the brightest of this summer’s toy scene on display with an event that included one-on-one time with representatives from top toy companies, as well as a special press conference. In the conference, we got a look at some of TTPM’s best picks for their various imprints, including Outdoor Toys, Movie Toys, the newly-added Pet Products, and more! ...  [ read more ]

Celebrate the Release of Marvel’s “Avengers: Age of Ultron” With New Coloring Sheets!

Marvels Avengers: Age of Ultron hits theaters today, and what better way to celebrate the return of “Earth’s Mightiest Heroes” to the silver screen than with some coloring pages of the film’s stars! Your kids will love coloring in their favorite superheroes like Iron Man, Black Widow, and Captain America, and the best part is, you can print out these pages for free using the image links below! ...  [ read more ]

Marvel Universe Live– Coming Soon to A City Near You!

static.squarespaceIf you or your children happen to be big superhero fans, you are going to love Marvel Universe Live! The show brings together a team of heroes– including Spider-Man, the Avengers, and some of the X-Men– to fight against Loki and a host of other villains, like Red Skull, the Sinister Six, and more, for a total of over 25 of your favorite Marvel characters battling it out before your very eyes! ...  [ read more ]

Guardians of the Galaxy

GOTG-A4-KeyartIf you’re looking for The Avengers, look elsewhere. Even though Guardians of the Galaxy shares some features with the 2012 superhero team-up hit, this movie is its own beast entirely, and quite an interesting one at that! Gone are the familiar heroes that typically inhabit the Marvel Cinematic Universe; there’s not a cape or a mask in sight (well, one mask, but it’s more like a breathing apparatus), and instead we’re met with a crew of misfits that includes a treasure hunter, an assassin, a vengeful warrior, a genetically-enhanced talking raccoon, and a humanoid tree. ...  [ read more ]