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Keeping the holidays in your heart

Its easy to be jaded with the wonderful life you have, its easy because you take it all for granted – there is no doubt in my mind that 90% of the people I know just live each day like the last and forget the true meaning of this holiday. This holiday season is important to me because of a recent health scare I had… I kid you not – I almost wasnt here today to tell you about why its important to be thankful, to appreciate your love ones, and most of all take time to slow down. ...  [ read more ]

pushing beyond limits how proud am I of my wife!

It’s not every husband who can sit there and talk about how proud he is of their wife! I was totally that guy this weekend – Suzanne for her second time completed a marathon but this time it was the New York Marathon!

Suzanne’s marathon history started with the San Diego Marathon which was also how I proposed (it was romantic, until the flight was canceled…lol) 3+ years ago. For us it was a different time and a different place in life – no kids limited responsibilities which is why this marathon was so much different.  We have a toddler, who greatly limits our good night sleep and we have roles, responsibilities, but that was just small challenges that were easily overcome by my wife! ...  [ read more ]

Parenting the endless sacrifice or the sacrifice for the future?

For a while now my wife and I have been talking about the sacrifices we’ve been making as parents. I’m sure you’ve made yours we all have is my take on it. Then it occurs to me that we’re a much more selfish generation (maybe one of the worst in history). I was once talking about how we’re so selfish as parents when another blogger chimed in and said that all kids are more selfish then their parents because our parents want them to be better then how they had and in turn work hard to provide more. I’ve been thinking isn’t that circle making it much worst for the future generations? ...  [ read more ]

Love kids hate life…

A few weeks ago New York Magazine published this article “I love my Children. I Hate My life.” [http://nymag.com/news/features/67024/] I was sitting at my desk watching headlines flow by when I just stopped and was like wow – only sometimes… After watching the tweets and blog posts about this article I was surprised to see how many denied ever having a single moment of saying I miss those good old days. ...  [ read more ]

Time to take the kiddo to a ball game – Win a pair of tickets to Sunday’s Mets vs Yankees Game!

Father’s day is rolling up and I was doing this BBQ thing but seems thats not happening well good thing in New York City there is always something to do… so this Father’s day will be the first time we’re taking kiddo to the ball game!

It’ll be a great family outing on top of wifey, kiddo and I, we’ll be adding papa (my father).  This will be the first time for any of us to the new Yankees Stadium, it’ll be the first ball game for the kiddo and I couldnt be more excited. ...  [ read more ]

Date Night Giveaway: SOFIA REI KOUTSOVITIS at Joe’s Pub


Saturday, June 19 at 7:00 PM

As the Argentine singer Sofia Rei Koutsovitis led her multinational band… the passion and clarity with which she assayed a tricky mix of South American rhythms and jazz-inflected harmonies made clear why she has been embraced by New York City audiences from Carnegie Hall to the hippest downtown haunts.” – Phil Lutz, New York Times ...  [ read more ]

Father’s Day Gift Giveaway: Jabra Wireless Gear!

Jabra HALO [Amazon]

The Jabra HALO is a wireless Bluetooth stereo headset that allows users to enjoy wireless music and answer phone calls in crystal clear stereo sound.  Featuring A2DP technology, the Jabra HALO gives users the ability to seamlessly connect to any Bluetooth music-playing device – and all 3.5 mm music playing devices – including mobile phones, Mp3 players, laptops, and TVs.  In addition, ensuring that users won’t miss phone calls while listening to music, the HALO fades out music to allow for incoming calls. The HALO features a lightweight (only 3 ounces!) over-the-head design with a foldable headband – small enough to take it wherever you go.  The HALO also has the versatility to switch between wireless and wired connectivity if a device doesn’t support Bluetooth stereo (A2DP) technology.  The device also features Zirene® Power Bass for audio enhancement. ...  [ read more ]