Being a blogger you get pitched a lot… and I mean a lot I think I have close to over 70,000 unread emails but everyonce once in a while I dig into those emails and find really really cool things – like this awesome keyprop by Integral Design.

smartphonesit goes right onto your keychain and it works with a ton of devices. it makes it so you can stand your phone or any number of mobile devices up and sometimes without having to remove the case (win!)

so this project is in its last days on kickstarter – so theres some real bonuses to be one of the first to order a keyprop.

features3The big bonus is the designer of this also made an iOS app that takes time delayed photos, which turns out really good if you standup your iPhone using the keyprop.  The best part of the app is a CLAP to SNAP feature – so you clap and your iPhone will take a picture – which is a really cool idea – I wondering if it’ll turn into our generations Clapper.

Keyprop is a patent pending tripod stand for your smartphone, paired with a unique self-timer app for a whole new camera phone experience.

There are many smartphone stands out there in the market, but you never have one on you when you need it. Keyprop fits on your keychain so it is always on you. Keyprop fits virtually every smartphone and leverages the feature they all have in common – the headphone jack – to prop up the phone. The clever design also allows you to adjust the angle of the phone by propping the stand on your keys.

Bonus: KeyCam, a self-timer camera app with the innovative Clap-to-Snap feature. The Keystand plus KeyCam combo completes the photo experience so that no one is ever left out of a group photo or struggling to get the right angle for a self photo. Please see video demo of Clap-to-Snap feature which allows users to start the self-timer from far away: