suzanne-pregnant-2The decision to start a family was a big one. We knew it would mean lots of change and a full 180 from the lives we knew and were comfortable with. But that was about where the definites of what we knew stopped.

Well, with the benefit of hindsight, I’ve written up checklist for the expecting dads out there or those of you thinking about starting your own family. Let’s call it the “Your Life’s About to Change, Dad” checklist Enjoy:

  1. Pregnant – Become such. This may be obvious but just a reminder: it does have to happen.
  2. Torture – She’s about to endure nine-months of it so be sure to stock up on your sympathy. You can practice by holding an ice cube for two minutes – they say that’s the closest most men will come to experiencing the pain of labor cramps.
  3. Future – Talk about it. The naming battles are just the beginning. Don’t fear the future.
  4. Diaper Bag – You’re going to carry one so make sure you’re comfortable with its look and feel.
  5. Stroller – You’re going to push one. Be the man and figure out the brakes and how to make it collapse with a flick of your wrist.
  6. Stem Cell Banking – Have a conversation with your partner and doctor about cord blood. It can save lives so I highly recommend saving it. There are payment plans galore to make it work if your budget is tight.
  7. Nursery – Pick your battles. If you care about design, then make sure you get this right. Otherwise, let your partner lead and you focus on what you’ll be using the most – the changing table.
  8. Logistics – From adding things to your insurance to making sure you get time off, dot your I’s and cross your T’s.
  9. Photography – Trust me, you’re going to want those first few weeks documented for a lifetime because they fly right by. Find a professional you like and set up a shoot.
  10. Diapers – Learn everything you can about how to change them because you’re about to do it a lot.