Can’t think of what to get people on your holiday gift list?  Well, everyone needs a vacation! This holiday season heed the advice from Travelzoo’s Senior Editor Gabe Saglie (twitter: @GabeSaglie) on how best to purchase travel and entertainment as a gift for those on your list.

  • Miles.  Use can use your own miles to book a trip for the person you are buying for and there will minimal fees associated with doing this. Gifting miles is also an option, however, you need to be wary of fees.  You could also consider buying miles into the person’s own frequent flier accounts as an option.
  • Gift Cards.  Airline gift cards are a good alternative to buying actual airline tickets.  It allows the recipient to buy his/her own airfare to best fit their schedule, but be aware of expiration dates.
  • Travelzoo Local DealsTravelzoo usually sends you to travel companies directly to purchase a deal but with Travelzoo Local Deals, you purchase a voucher directly from Travelzoo that you then redeem when you visit the local business. You can purchase a voucher for anyone right from the site or from the new Travelzoo app for iOS. The Local Deals are transferable so if you see a deal you like now and are not sure who you want to give it to, get it and then give.
  • Buy An Airline Ticket.  The most important thing is to make sure you know your recipient’s schedule as change fees for airline tickets can be $150 each way.  If you’re buying a ticket for holiday travel, act fast but save yourself some money by shopping on Tuesdays and Wednesdays for airfare deals, consider alternate airports, book early and connecting flights and pick destinations on sale (New York and Europe in winter, Caribbean in summer, etc.).  It’s always a good idea to check Travelzoo’s Fare Calendar to find the best dates to travel, too.

The Travelzoo Holiday Gifts page just launched and includes great travel and entertainment gift ideas to buy right now: