Significant spending over such a small period of time can increase the opportunities for identity theft and identity fraud,” said Mike Prusinski, Senior Vice President of Corporate Communications with LifeLock. “Simply being a smart shopper doesn’t necessarily ensure you have done enough to reduce all the risks surrounding identity theft this holiday season. Sometimes drastic times calls for drastic measures, and this season maybe it’s the right time to go beyond the normal tips and suggestions.

Here are some tips from LifeLock to keep your wallet safe while racing the crowds:

  1. Credit – One Size Fits All – Cancel your debit card and use only a credit card or a gift card. If you’re the target of an identity thief, you’re not losing your money but the lenders. If you don’t have a credit card, consider purchasing a pre-paid credit card to limit the amount lost if you are victimized. Don’t give the criminals direct access to your funds.
  2. Smarter Savings –Don’t open store credit, even if they are offering you 20% savings. By opening store credit you are creating more opportunities for your personal information to be exposed and/or lost and chances are good that you can find a similar discount code just with a few clicks online.
  3. What’s Your Frequency? If your card has the volume symbol on the front or back, your card is emitting a signal just looking to connect (radio frequency identification) to a card reader– and a thief knows this. RFID credit cards reduce the need for the consumer to scan their card, instead the card just connects. Identity thieves are creating devices to electronically pickpocket you if you’re carrying and RFID card in your purse or wallet. Call your lender and request a credit card without the RFID chip.
  4. Swipe in Style – Don’t swipe your credit card at the checkout, instead, hand it over to the cashier to run through on the register. Identity thieves are compromising point of sale terminals and capturing your personal information.
  5.  Wi-Fi Worries – When browsing online, avoid shopping on public Wi-Fi networks and shared computers. You cannot guarantee the security of the computer and you are placing your personal information at risk whenever you use a public or community computer to make a purchase online.

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