I love football and since we’ve got thanksgiving just days away, which to me is the ultimate football day outside of the Superbowl. It’s football, family and food – really do we need anything else (OK maybe some aspirin for after the family and tums for after you eat). If you love football you’re more then likely playing something be it a suicide pool or a fantasy league or placing some bets, you’re an engaged fan.

Since I had a kid time management is really tough add some freelance, a blog, and a bouncing baby boy and well I barely have time to sit with my wife for a second yet alone play fantasy football. This is the point I say I wish there was a way to start the weekend league just to cover say the big games this weekend. Bing Bango Boom my friends thats what I’m going to tell you I’ve found…. Insta-League no water required…. get your friends & family because here is a super easy way to jump into a league when you finally have a moment.

Fantasy Football Now is just that provides instant fantasy football teams made up of players just from the game you are going to watch. There are no drafts and all of the fantasy football action occurs in one NFL game. No experience necessary … Fantasy Football Now is great entertainment for fans of all levels, it also works great to train the little ones and let them be involved when they say they want to without having to deal with an entire season (because they will bail on you for some weekends but be around for others).

All you have to do is head to http://www.playffnow.com/, register, and once you get to the ‘Start a Fantasy Game’ section, click on Redeem Coupon and enter dadarocks – then you’ll be able to sign up yourself and your friends and family up for the game.