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How much should a blogger earn?

After reading this great article by Jennifer James – How Much Should Mom Bloggers Earn? [Link]. I figured I should put my two cents in and its fitting that its only two cents since thats what I found on the ground today, so I’ll count that as my blog earnings for today.

Chris Brogan announced that he makes $22,000.00 – wow – I could be debit free in less then two days.  I could have paid for my sons college fund within 2 weeks. I could have paid for our dream apartment in less then 120 days. I could then pay for a second home by the beach in sag harbor in about 90 days after that.

SIGN ME UP! I have met Chris at Web 2.0 Submit in NY – truly a really nice guy (and a dad). I love how he’s parlayed his skills in to a revenue stream that makes me sick and I can only work towards this goal.

In the article by Jennifer its as if she takes a swipe at the Mom bloggers for working for free so long.  While I’m sure there are people out there working for free many people I’ve meet or talk to have a true income stream coming from their blog.

Some would ask do I have an income stream, not yet.  I’m just starting to get my brand out into the PR world and I have a very long way to go. It’s a start but my mission isn’t to make money first it’s to help others, without hurting my family (really my wife’s boundaries).

I have some goals this year… work on being a published author, being a popular dad blog, generate some income from the blog, become a speaker (I’ve done speaking engagements before and really enjoyed it, everything expect creating the powerpoint deck). What are your goals? What are your goals as a blogger?

With an economy like this who needs friends…

Today the president of the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, Janet L. Yellen said that a sharp increase in worker productivity was “here to stay.”

She predicted that unemployment, now at 9.7 percent, would fall to 9.25 percent by the end of the year and around 8 percent by the end of 2011. And she described the current inflation rate as “undesirably low.”

But overall this wouldn’t be operating at its full potential until 2013 [Link to NY Time Article].  I’m working a lot, I have a 9-5, I do freelance website design, programming, and development along with aspects of social media marketing, and assist my wife with her business from time to time.  So the question who needs friends is really where do I have time for friends.

How are you dealing with the juggle?