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Strollers and the space they take up – MetroTots Strollaway Giveaway

Living in New York City you quickly become aware of the price of space and just how precious it is… Trust those rumors of 800 square feet apartments for as much as a mortgage payment somewhere else it is completely true. The thing that is almost universal with parents these days is the need for different types of strollers. We have had 3 strollers and currently only use two… a bugaboo that is great for walking around the city and a maclaren which is pure mobile and lightweight (this isnt a stroller review post so I’m just leaving it at the simple facts of how/why we have two strollers). We use the bugaboo daily and maybe the maclaren twice or three times a week, so we had an issue with having two strollers always open in our hallway, once you enter the apartment all the time. In a moment that could only be fate – we received a mailer showing use the great use of the MetroTots Strollaway. ...  [ read more ]