The longest its ever been – 7 days its a killer

The title might have you thinking that this post might be about something else but its really about the testament about being away from home at seven days.  To some that seems like just a moment for me it was like pulling away my oxygen.  My wife is my counter balance and my son is my world being away for such a long period was sooo incredibility hard.

Of course I stayed in touch over phone, text, email, and one time was able to get facetime up and running over a Sprint MiFi *dear at&t please let facetime over 3g!* but it was not being there watching my son change that kills me.  I know many don’t believe how much a 25 month old can change in the course of the week but change has come.  My son has new words, new phrases, is a much better dancer (lol).

I arriaved home after he was asleep so I really didnt get to see him till the following morning when I was awaken by “Da Da?!  DA DA!!!!!” ohhhh it was sooo great – followed by a little baby hug. It made my day, then having to go to work and leave him again was tough and being at work was slightly more then distracting. Some of it because I might have had 3-4 hours of sleep, some of it because I was thinking of hanging out with my son again.

Why I was gone seven long days is all work, its social media where I spent 4 days at BlogWorld Expo and another 3 days before that at the ABCKids Expo.  Both events were great and you’ll see the effects of attending both events in the near future.  The key to the success of this time away, was my mother in law… because without her coming to NYC I’m pretty sure there wouldnt be another dadarocks post as my wife would had killed me.

Of course I can highlight all the amazing people I met – or all the session I attended – or the old friends that I got a chance to catch up with… its times like those that I really appreciate my wife for going above the call of duty and let me do something like that.

I look forward to catching up some sleep and getting some more time with my son over the next few days.

Whats the longest you’ve been away from home? What did you miss?

7 thoughts on “The longest its ever been – 7 days its a killer”

  1. The working parent wishes to be at home, the home parent absolutely wishes for a break in the clouds of chatter.
    The seaweed is always greener in somebody elses lake…
    but this was so heartfelt. You’re a great dad.

  2. I had to be away from the kiddo for 5 days when he was 6 months old. Sadly, my saving grace was that I was *really* sick the entire time I was away (I literally got a fever as I was stepping on the plane), so I basically attended my sessions at the conference and went back to my room and slept. If I’d been healthy, I think it would have killed me.

  3. The longest I’ve been away from my son was 3 days for a blog related event and recently for a conference. I called all the time to speak to him, checked facebook for updates on what he was doing and I would have done video chat if my sister had a web cam. Being away from our kids isn’t easy

  4. The longest I’ve done away from my wife and kids was 3 1/2 days when I went to a friend’s wedding (Wednesday through Saturday). The longest my wife and I have been away from our kids was this past BlogHer when we travelled down on Friday and came back Sunday (3 days). I don’t know if I could do 7 days. I was going through kid-and-wife-withdrawal after one day. (At the wedding, I sort of latched onto one of my friend’s families who had young kids around my kids’ age.)

  5. Ten days. We all went on a long trip together but I had to come home to go back to the work. It was a very long stretch- but I must admit that I slept in a few times just because I could.

  6. I was away from home those SAME 7 days… and while the ABC Kids Expo was great and Blog World was amazing… I sure was happy to see my girls again. I totally agree with you in the fact that grandparents were key in my week long hiatus from mommyhood. Thank God for them! My girls aren’t 24 months old… but my 6 yr old is learning to read and I missed the beginning steps of subtraction. My 5 year old grew an inch… I’m sure of it. And while I was working in Vegas these seven days… there was some fun to be had. I think it’s a fine line we walk between work, fun, and family… but right now… I wouldn’t feel like myself if I was doing anything else. Great post!

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