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Outside fun with the Bubble Twister and Junkball Review and Giveaway

There are two things about spring and summer that I love its finally time to get outside and play. This spring was pretty lackluster in NYC as it was raining most of the time but now summer is around the bend the sprinklers are in the park and its a great time to get outside and play. In my mind there are many great outdoor play games…

When you have a young child nothing beats watching them chase after bubbles – it used to be that you’d get light headed after 5 minutes of blowing said bubbles but with recent technology you can have hundreds of bubbles being blown for as long as the batteries last (which will be much longer then the kid who is chasing them will be).

We’ve got the Blastos! Bubble Twister [amazon] here is a demo video by my friends over at TimetoPlayMag.com – clearly this will keep a couple of kids chasing in circles for a good while and good laugh for the parents just watching them do just that.  The toy has a few seconds between bursts of bubbles giving a fair amount of bubbles in each burst… This is great because it gives the kids a few seconds to catch their breath too.

When the kids get a bit older you’ll start doing the sports but even when the sun goes down doesn’t mean the play has to end – thats why I love the new Junkball glow in the dark set [junk ball shop online]- its always easy to spot a glowing ball in the field at night. The cool thing about junk ball is that the middle is an adjustable ring that will make the ball do different by changing the air flow that goes though the ball… So its easier to pitch a curve or sinker – its a great concept and I know my nephew loves it.

How to win it… Contest ends 11:59pm EST. June 9th, 2011.
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Disclaimer: Thanks to Little Kids Inc for provided the prizes for this raffle