Thanks to Verizon for sponsoring this post about keeping the family connected during the holidays.

2020 its been some year… actually pretty crazy year for our family personally, lots of family moving to different states (most of it not because of the pandemic) but its been a year of differences. Like many families seeing family and friends have been challenging (if not completely nonexistent).  Thankfully 2020 offers us a ton of technology to keep us connected.

Each of us has screen times issues these days but if thats the only way to stay social and connect outside of our homes, pods, inner circle friends. Marc has been on video games chatting away for hours with friends that he’s knows from school and some he’s met online playing the games (thats a much larger conversation for another time). Harper and Harlow facetime with family, and for Mother’s day we got the facebook portal and have been connecting with their GG (great grandmother – Ma) once a in a while to check-in.

All while we’re working remotely, learning remotely, and streaming the entire Netflix. HBO Max library… so having incredible internet speed is everything to us.  I think my last count was 30 devices are usually connected to our wifi at any given time… being able to watch TV without buffering is a pretty important issue for the adults, and also a 5 year old who watches all of those Ryan’s surprise egg videos.

We’ve been a FiOS Home for years and we love it. We’ve really never had major outages (which is a major change from our last internet provider) and never impacted by the weather. This holiday season Verizon has you covered with some incredible deals. This holiday season the deals are better than ever, get rewarded when you combine your Verizon mobile and Fios Home Internet Plans. For new customers, save $30/month with select plans* when you get both within 30 days of each other. Plus, get $10/month** to put toward your next hone or tablet. Choose the plans that are right for you and get rewarded – today.