When I was in my 20’s I would go to the gym, I had a membership and once in a while would attend a class, I’d pickup a pack of trainer sessions and go weekly and enjoyed the workout program they would work with me on but really it wasnt an affordable model.

Now in my 30’s I rarely see the inside of the gym, I just dont carve out time to go and work out. Its a bit sad. I certainly dont have the money to spend on a trainer as I know even a weekly session just isnt enough to get any real results.

In talking with my wife we really wanted to bring a piece of equipment into our home that would give us workout.  I’m not a fan of spinning (she loves it) but I wanted a full body work out. We took a look at the Bowflex Max Trainer M8 based on the recommendation of a friend. I was thrilled when I was able to partner with Bowflex to check out their most popular model the Max Trainer M8.

One thing I love is it uses the “Max Intelligence App” which is so much more than just a simple app. Its a learning app that features dynamic coaching from “Max”. As you train, Max speaks to you, coaching and adjusting to your needs as you maximize calorie-burn in every workout!

The app features different coaches that different level videos for those who liked timed work out, there’s a simple 4 minute program to massive 30 minute program. I really like a combination of running a program for some of the time and then just going with the flow and listening to music, while you’re burning off the lbs.


For our small NYC apartment it takes up half the space of a treadmill and some ellipticals. Yet still gives a full body workout unlike a spin bike.  Its super easy even if you’re not wiring in a tablet or phone for the app there is a simple display that shows you the calories you’re burning every minute and activity level targets. It really helps motivate you to keep pushing.

Anything that gives me a athletic challenge at this point is doing its job and taking on one of the apps 14 minute challenges really does get that heart rate up.