Marvel Super Heroes Arcade Game

Those fine folks at Arcade1Up have released the next wave of their arcade games, Marvel Super Heroes / X-men: Children of the Atom / The Punisher in one cabinet, a 4 player Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle (with two best TMNT arcade games on it), and a Starwars cabinet with 3 games on it.  They announced a special edition Marvel cabinet featuring upgraded Sanwa joysticks, Lit Marquee, Riser with special artwork along with a certificate of the machine’s production number being 1 in 8000.


At SmartBuyGlasses you can find a wide variety of eyewear, from trendy sunglasses to prescription eyewear at good prices. Which is why it was so easy to jump at this pair of Chloe sunglasses for my wife, with half a summer left its a great time to be looking for designer sunglasses on sale.


60% of American parents think their kids are addicted to screens, and with a few weeks of summer left, kids have more free time to spend on digital devices. What’s a parent to do? Enter Jooki, a smart screen-free music player for young kids, inviting families to embrace a low-screen summer this season. You can grab Jooki off amazon, just an FYI for those looking to buy one.

Mabel Labels

The first name in Back to School labeling has only gotten better in the 10 years I’ve known about this company.  They now offer kids medical alert labels, a personalized clothing stamp, and our favorite the mini labels.

Sprayground + Fortnite

If you havent heard of fortnite, then you’ve been living under a rock or dont have a child aged 6-25.  Sprayground is one of the hottest bag companies around these days and they’ve teamed up with Fortnite for a pretty awesome collection that’ll sell out in moments, so check out this awesome bag that every Fortnite fan will want for Back to School.