I’ve partnered with TCL one of the largest TV and best-selling consumer electronics brands to kick off 7 days of giveaways leading up to national cut the cord day (July 7th).  This Independence Week each day a new prize will be posted https://www.tclusa.com/7-days-of-cord-cutting along with a featured video to highlight how cord cutting is not just a way of the future but really can be made a reality today.  Some of the videos will be focused on home makeovers, where TCL helps people cut the cord with specific gear fit for their homes and for their family’s TV watching preferences, while other videos will take a deeper dive into how cord cutters can get the most out of their TCL Roku TV.

Starting today, for “7 Days of Cord Cutting,” consumers who visit https://www.tclusa.com/7-days-of-cord-cutting can enter the giveaways. Winners of TCL’s National Cut the Cord Day giveaways will be selected the next day and receive the following prizes:

  • Day 1 – 49” 4-Series TCL Roku TV and Antenna (Mohu Blade Premium)
  • Day 2 – 50” 4-Series TCL Roku TV and DVR (Tablo DUAL LITE OTA DVR)
  • Day 3 – 55” 4-Series TCL Roku TV and Cable TV Replacement/Live TV (YouTubeTV via Google Play Gift Card)
  • Day 4 – 55” 4-Series TCL Roku TV and Movie Service Subscription (FandangoNow Gift Card)
  • Day 5 – 55” 5-Series TCL Roku TV and Premium Content Subscription (Showtime Gift Card)
  • Day 6 – 55” 6-Series TCL Roku TV and Audio Accessory (Alto 7+ Sound Bar)
  • Day 7 – 75” 6-Series TCL Roku TV and each of the items offered from previous days (Mohu Blade Premium, Tablo DUAL LITE OTA DVR, YouTubeTV via Google Play Gift Card, FandangoNow Gift Card, Showtime Gift Card, and Alto 7+ Sound Bar)

Additionally, on National Cut the Cord Day (July 7th) consumers can take advantage of specially-priced TCL products at amazon, best buy, walmart along with many others so keep your eyes out for these great deals.   TCL televisions integrates the latest technology such as 4k UHD resolution, Dolby Vision with High Dynamic Range (HDR), and has such cool features as voice remotes and  gives easy access to an endless library of streaming entertainment – more than 5,000 channels and 500,000+ movies and TV episodes – through the built-in Roku operating system.

What are you waiting for? get going… head over to https://www.tclusa.com/7-days-of-cord-cutting and enter to win!