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I grew up playing 3 sports a school year in some cross between baseball, basketball, soccer, wrestling, track&field. Like any young boy no matter what happened I bounced back the next day (thankfully I never had a broken bone).  I have 18 months till I hit 40. 40 years old. DEEP BREATHE. FORTY YEARS OLD…. Ok I’m slightly panicking about this one.

If I’m brutally honest with myself I dont know that I’m completely happy… Dont get me wrong – I married an amazing women who gave me 3 out of this world children. Career has had starts and stops and I know I should be happy to work for an organization but there are moments when its tough and then you think about jumping to be self employed (but those thoughts are far from every day)…. the thing that weighs on me is about housing. We’re renting and that kind of bums me out – cause I always thought by 40 we’d own something.

So I’m trying to fight back against the thoughts that age is a limit or that I’m old… Sure I will be eating more healthy, going to see doctors (more so then saying I will and putting it off for as long as possible), going to push myself out of my comfort zone, make sure we’re planning more fun family outings (get out of the routine), seeing my mom and dad and stepfather more, seeing my grandmothers who I’m lucky enough to still have, and trying to hit that big goal of owning some property (somewhere – and I think thats become a new key for me).

I think its important to always keep in mind that there’s data supporting the statement that the average child in the US has a 50% chance of living to at least 104. I want to make sure I raise good children, to make sure they’re good people, cause they might be here a while.

And really whats old?  Certainly not 30 or 40 is 50 really that starting point –  I know many 50 year olds that act younger then some 25 year olds…. I really think age is just how you feel…. and maybe its time to disrupt that feeling.

My father certainly isnt OLD… well he’s certainly older then I am, and we’re certainly having very different discussions (actually in a weird way its the other end of the spectrum of the conversations I’m having with my son about puberty) we talk a bit about planning, goals, wishes and wish lists in many ways they’re the same just a generation apart.

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Cause in the end you’re only as old as you feel.