A-tisket … A-tasket … all my laundry filled in a basket.  I am actually terrible at remembering nursery rhymes . . .

There are tons of “mens” products out there—I should know, I use many of them, well, because I’m a man. Although, whenever I have to go pickup cleaning supplies—I have a choice between lemon scent or flowers—there really isn’t a good guy smell. That’s where Hero Clean comes into play. This new product—that’s made in the USA—is pretty awesome, but the best part … Every bottle sold supports our nation’s veterans.

My son is now 8.5, and really isn’t that good at doing chores . . . even the simple ones like dirty clothes go in the laundry basket . . . but years ago, I figured a good trick out that I’m now playing with my 4-year-old daughter … it’s the a cross between basketball and laundry basket: stuff and dunk.

It’s just as simple as it sounds … take the laundry, ball it up, and slam it into your laundry basket. Sure, it helps that my kids have laundry baskets that look like basketball hoops, but it’s the idea of the game that really matters.

Now back to that great Hero Clean … it’s pretty new to market but you can already find it at the following stores (but not in all locations): Ace Hardware, Wegman’s, Runnings, and Target.

There is a ton of science that goes behind the first-ever home cleaning line scientifically formulated for guys’ unique sweat, stains, odors and messes. The Laundry Detergent has Odor Defeater in addition to six enzymes for stains, brighter whites and colors, and fabric longevity. What is Odor Defeater? It’s cutting edge Odor Eliminator technology that targets bacteria at its source and prevents its return for fabrics, shoes, gear and more.

Disclosure: I received compensation in exchange for writing this review. Although this post is sponsored, all opinions are my own.