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What happens when you take the biggest blockbusters in cinema and add it to a legendary building toy company? You get LEGO Jurassic World: The Indominus Escape, a five part animated short that has been releasing one episode per a day this week on the Jurassic World YouTube channel and at

I’ve been a major fan of Jurassic Park since I was in high school and got to meet Michael Crichton. Who doesnt love a story about bringing back dinosaurs, the struggle of nature vs man. Jurassic World was a great relaunch of that adventure in my mind but not really what I’d like my younger child to watch.

I’ve just finished watching the first three episodes and it been a blast to watch (Click here to watch the trailer!) They do a great job of blending LEGO humor with the Jurassic World science. This episode is the most pivotal of the entire series, as it shows Indominus rex – the smartest, biggest and scariest hot dog-loving hybrid dinosaur ever created escape. Gather your kids around a screen and enjoy this kid friendly take on Jurassic World… What kid wouldn’t love to see the largest LEGO Dinosaur chasing a guy dressed as a hot dog around?! Click here to watch the complete episode!

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