1472749669-5f432811c223af8f64ca06e07d056242Having a toddler is amazing but it can also seem like they are always eating.  Trying to get them to eat healthy foods isn’t always easy… thankfully my little monster loves fruits, veggies and yogurt.  Our go to snack are foods that have some nutritional value, while not ruining her appetite for dinner.

unnamedSo good for her foods like Chobani Kids Tubes and Pouches like are amazing to share after a day at school or even pop into my older one’s lunchbox.  It’s been our go-to snack for a while now, and our daughters love them.  Since our youngest two see our son who’s now in the 3rd grade carry a lunch to school – I like knowing that he’s setting a good example. His lunches typically contain a Chobani Kids Greek Yogurt tube, his favorite new Strawberry Banana. Those character’s don’t make for a hard sell either. It helps re-enforce the health eating habits and it’s a food I can feel good about filled with protein and real fruits.  Packing lunches and trying to find a good nutritional snacks can be difficult but neither of those are my problems when my child’s plate looks like this…

As we get into the Back-to-School groove in our house we’re constantly looking for new ways to make lunches fun and good for our little ones. Chobani is helping parents by sharing some “swap out” ideas – check it out here.

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