Being a dad is tough, sometimes it means sharing your bed with a child on a bad night – here or there but there are other children that just wont leave.  I have one of those (well maybe actually two of those) that just wont leave our bed.

as a dad, we want to be able to sleep wherever we can because the kids can be exhausting…but having the right mattress is a big part in really what dads need to get some quality sleep we deserve.

IMG_6540Otherwise it’ll look like we this all the time. Be it at the office, in the bus or train.

But I think the fine people over at Restonic have you covered.


By entering below, anybody has the chance to win a queen sized HealthRest® Mattress from Restonic.   Invest in your health with one of Restonic’s HealthRest® Brio™ Mattresses. Layered with latex and TempaGel® by Restonic and supported with a Trucomfort core™, a healthy, supportive night’s sleep is yours for the taking.
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Adults and children alike wake in the middle of the night because something’s wrong – it’s the body’s way of telling you there’s a problem. Sleeping on a supportive surface that also helps you regulate your temperature, removes stress from the body. Restonic mattresses allow you to stay in one position longer (without a pain signal to the brain telling you to roll over) and that allows your body to sink into a deeper and more rejuvenating sleep.

When your body is allowed to move into a deeper sleep, healing and energy is restored. Waking during the sleep cycles puts you back at the first stage – and many people struggle to fall back to sleep quickly when roused during certain stages of sleep.

You can read more about about Restonic on their SleepBlog:

You can find one of those great mattress shops in your local area

And really just incase you cant believe in the cosleep idea and how the struggle is real here’s another day another set of PJs.


I’ll leave you with this great video on tips to pick the right mattress.

Disclosure: I have partnered with Life of Dad  and Restonic Mattress for this promotion.