bitdefenderboxI know lots of people that work in IT and when you go to their home they have professional wifi gear and tons of security equipment, then I go to some friends and families that don’t have any security on their home network. It really makes you wonder where do you feel safe… and I’m loving the new Bitdefender BOX. This simple little box which handles a great number of the tasks that a professional grade IT appliance would do is amazing.

It was very easy to get up and running within moments and offers a number of security options for your device and your network. First you get to pick if its a guest device or a family device. Either way you’ll be adding a major layer of protection as it can help to identify malware and other undesirable thing that can attack you via the web.

You configure the device from this simple to use iphone or android app and take about 20 minutes soup to nuts for most common home network configurations. I only wish there was some more advanced view into the computers on your network. I would recommend everyone with kids or parents who are always picking up a virus to grab a Bitdefender BOX and get your network a little more secure.

You can also enter to win a Bitdefender BOX by sharing how many connected devices you have, or sharing why you want to win a Bitdefender BOX using #ProtectedByBOX and tagging @BitdefenderBOX on Twitter or #BitdefenderBOX on Instagram.