2015-06-10 14:37:46 +00001As a busy father of 2 living in Manhattan, my wife and I are always on-the-go and time is of essence pretty much for everything we do.  Meal time is especially tricky.  However, it is the grocery shopping that is most stressful.  I discovered a new online grocery food delivery company called:  PickUpLater – pickuplater.com.  PickUpLater offers 2-hour delivery or you can pick up your groceries later at the local store…as early as 2 hours after you place you order online.  PUL’s Personal Grocery Shoppers (PGS) offer excellent customer service.  If an item is out of stock, the PGS will call or send you a text message to offer replacement options.  Grocery shopping with PickUpLater is easy….and stress-free!  PickUpLater is offering FREE delivery so use coupon code:  DELIVER when placing your order on www.pickuplater.com.  Check them out!