2547-201503241952345821 With the 1 in One Hundred Million series, Kronos Incorporated celebrates the extraordinary in the ordinary. Every month, they highlight one special worker and tell his or her story through a YouTube video, shining a spotlight not only on the hard work that each of these people puts in at their job, but also the overall strength, singularity, character, commitment, and passion of today’s workforce. Previous entries have included a hotel front desk agent and night auditor, a veteran firefighter of 34 years, and a fourth grade teacher who’s dedicated to helping kids spread their wings and fly.

This month, 1 in One Hundred Million honors Brett Laxton, an MLB pitcher who traded his pitching glove for a vast supply of baseball bats– changing to the other side of the equation in almost every way possible as he moved from pitching strikeouts in front of cheering crowds to crafting bats behind the scenes. Brett has created over 100,000 bats over the course of his career, and takes pride in his each and every handcrafted creation. Whether it’s on the field or off, Brett Laxton’s passion is baseball, and by having a great time doing what he loves, he Brett makes his job more than just a job.
VWxTCEtXGAAfPH3g-OPW5fAj6ZbxuD8Tleo-Y2jeFPsDevotion to their craft, whether it’s nursing, teaching, firefighting, or something completely different, is a hallmark of the workers that are truly 1 in One Hundred Million, and Brett Laxton is certainly a devoted man. Like the others in the 1 in One Hundred Million series, Brett exemplifies the old saying that if you’re doing what you love, you never work a day in your life, and his clear excitement for his work is infectious. Check out his story, as well as the full 1 in One Hundred Million series, at 1in100million.com