From the network that brought you “THE VOICE” AND “DEAL OR NO DEAL”, comes their next big hit, “WHO KNOWS WHO.” The show that is bringing back “Family TV Night” across the nation! That one night of the week where the entire family gathers together to enjoy a show that will appeal to everyone. Your little ones will love it as much as your teens!

“WHO KNOWS WHO” will combine elements of pop culture trivia and knowledge of facts, quirks, and stories about your very own teammates. Grab your closest friends, roommates, siblings, parents, co-workers, fiancé, even your spunky grandma, and come on down Saturday April 18th to the NBC Experience Store at Rockefeller Plaza. Doors open at 10!

If you’ve seen the classic episode of FRIENDS, where the guys team up against girls and are quizzed to see who knows more about each other’s lives, that will give you a hint as to the tone of our new series.

With WHO KNOWS WHO, expect the unexpected!