photo (2)What was once thought of as “orangest” day of the year has finally welcomed other colors into its celebration.
While orange is still the first color people think of on Halloween, thanks in large part to the obvious and typical Orange pumpkins is now a thing of the past!
This year, don’t be surprised if you stumble upon teal pumpkins while trick or treating this year—it’s the new, very cool way that people are showing that their home is safe for kids with food allergies. Dubbed The Teal Pumpkin Project, the idea is to display a painted greenish-blue pumpkin as a way to tell the world that you are handing out non-food treats instead of (or in addition to) candy.
Also new for 2014, is #Yelloween.  Thanks to the guy at the Ferrara Candy Company, the makers of Lemonhead, they’ve created this underground phenomenon based on the simple premise, “Yellow is the new Orange.”  Lemonhead is apparently sick and tired(or I’d call it jealous), of everything being about orange this time of year and they’ve decided to finally do something about it.  Thus, they’re encouraging everyone to paint their pumpkins yellow, wear yellow costumes(Dress up as a banana, Pokemon or I guess even a lemon) and they’ve even created a Pinterest page full of tips from ways to carve a Lemonhead into your Yellow pumpkin to what sounds like an amazing Lemonhead martini.
Either way, no matter what you’re favorite color is this Halloween remember to be safe, say Trick or Treat, say Thank You after you stick your filthy hands in the big bowl of candy and most of all, have a great time