teensafe-300x56TeenSafe, maker of the leading iPhone and Android monitoring software for parents, announces its commitment to helping divorced parents protect their children. TeenSafe provides support and tools for parents in all situations to keep a watchful eye on their most valuable treasure.

“Very few parents achieve the level of communication they initially intend to after a divorce. Parenting becomes much more difficult after a martial divide for many reasons, some of the main causes being the loss of resources, increased stress, juggling of schedules and added responsibilities as well as disagreement on the proper disciplining of the children,” said Tina Sustaeta, Licensed Professional Counselor and Family Therapist. “If both parents have equal ability to monitor their children’s social media and cell phone activity, they are less likely to put the fault on each other if an issue arises. A monitoring service like TeenSafe levels the playing field and allows both parents the opportunity to stay aware of lives of their children, providing both parents an understanding of what subjects to focus on and address when ‘red flags’ appear.”

“At TeenSafe, our highest priority is to provide parents with invaluable tools that allow them to protect their children and communicate with them about significant issues. We all worry about what our children are facing through social media and mobile devices,” said Rawdon Messenger, CEO of TeenSafe. “We want parents to know about potential issues early on. TeenSafe is such a great tool for divorced parents to be aware, coordinated and proactive in their child’s lives.”

“I am a divorced father, now re-married with a blended family. Like most parents with joint custody we are very busy and keeping up with their many activities. To help stay better in touch with my kids I decided to purchase smartphones for them,” said an anonymous father and TeenSafe user. “Though I love that they can call me whenever they want to, I don’t have the ability to watch their activity on social media and text messages to ensure things are ok. If I continued parenting in oblivion, could my kids be communicating with people who might put them in danger? What if they were being bullied? I began researching phone monitoring solutions and found TeenSafe… Some of their friends use inappropriate language, but we are able to see it and avoid too much time spent with those friends. I don’t feel the need to check their online interactions on a daily basis, but when I have a feeling there could be something wrong I know I can check in on them.”

Half of all children in the U.S. see their parents separate. Divorce significantly increases the risk for them to have major life challenges, emotionally and physically. Research shows that children of divorcees are more likely to suffer academically, to have behavioral issues and to partake in drug and alcohol use as a teen. The psychological ramifications of divorce often last into adulthood. Thus, it is even more important for separated parents to be sensitive to the challenges of their children face.

TeenSafe provides parents the ability to see into their child’s digital world by offering discrete and convenient access to all their mobile phone activities, including their current location, text messages, deleted text messages, web browsing history, and Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram and Kik activity. It can allow parents to more easily detect issues such as truancy, drug abuse or bullying. Parents can take responsible action often before issues become crisis.

TeenSafe is very easy to set up and is the first iPhone monitoring solution that does not require any modifications to the device.