Visiting family becomes a breeze

4momsbreeze_giveawayWe love seeing family both near and far… one thing that sometime has stopped us from traveling is the idea of do we have a crib there… is it a drop side crib of death (DO NOT USE Drop Side Cribs)… is it a pack and play from the 90’s did we loose the instructions to that pack and play will it take me longer to put it together then the visit itself… Thats been the thought process but then came along 4moms (I wish it was called 2dads or something more parent friendly) but no matter the name their products are AWESOME! I’ve been a big fan of the breeze since I first saw it at ABC baby and kids Expo years ago.

There is no silly locks and buttons and angles which you need to open it at… its just works. So Its made visiting Grandpa’s much easier this summer. After driving for hours to the end of long island you know you wont have a happy baby. Harper was actually pretty upset and cranky (can you blame her? I’d be pissed being in a car for 2 hours too).  We dash into the house and within minutes we have the Breeze playard setup and ready to go… its perfect for naps and great for me to have a few moments to have piece of mind that she’s not going to walk into my legs, while I carry in the bags.


It takes me 3 minutes to make sure the breeze is all setup and it takes harper about 4 minutes to go to sleep once I got it setup.  Now that is a Breeze #DadJoke.

We look forward to more roadtrip with the breeze and know that what harper is sleep is our own and its clean (so my wife doesnt have to worry).

Now no worries if you dont win my giveaway – if you check out 4mom’s facebook page you’ll see theyve got a bunch to giveaway there and we’re just 1/3 the way into the blog tour!

Want to see a great video review on the 4mom breeze – my friend Holly from BabyGizmo posted this one…

How to win it… Contest ends 11:59pm EST. June 17th, 2014.
Leave a comment why you want to win a brand new 4Moms Breeze! and please include some method for us to contact you in the comment (twitter or email).

You get 1 extra entry for tweeting about this contest (you can do this daily). Must contain the following information: @4moms @dadarocks – and you must also comment with the link to your tweet.

Example: I want to win a @4moms Breeze from @dadarocks – #giveaway

You get 1 extra entry for following @dadarocks on twitter – You must comment that you’re a follower.

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You will have 24 hours to reply before we pick another winner!

Disclaimer: 4moms supplied a sample breeze for me to demo and the prizes for this contest (no other compensation was provided) and this giveaway is limited to the USA and Canada only.

338 thoughts on “Visiting family becomes a breeze”

  1. I’m a grandfather of 4 little ones, all under the age of 3. The breeze would be great for when I babysit and take them to the park….or when they want to nap. Thanks for the chance to win one. 🙂

  2. I’d like to win because we’re expecting our first little one and the Breeze would be great for him to sleep in when we go visit family.

  3. I would love to win the breeze because it would allow me to have a cool place downstairs for my little one to nap during this hot summer. I also, love the easy fold! Thanks for the chance to win 🙂

    Nicoleu0206 (at) gmail (dot) com

  4. I want to win a 4moms Breeze b/c we love traveling and it will keep our little guy in a cozy safe environment!

  5. For me, The Products 4moms that I prefer is Breeze and Origami, they have a practicality in their assembly and disassembly, as has been known for quality brand.

  6. I would like to win because we have twins and it would make traveling so much easier! I like 4moms on facebook 🙂

  7. Entry 1(comment): We are expecting our first in September and this play yard would be perfect to move from room to room with baby in hand and for our frequent travels.
    Entry 2 (Tweet):
    Entry 3 (Follow @dadarocks): done; @miriaaamk
    Entry 4 (like 4moms on Facebook): done; Miriam Matheny
    Entry 5 (like post on Facebook):done; Miriam Matheny
    Entry 6 (like post on Google+): done; Miriam Kasarda

  8. Hello I would love to receive this breeze from 4 moms as I am a first time mother and would love to have this for outside and vacations with my family.

    I am a fan of @dada rocks on twitter and FB and google plus

    I am a fan of @4moms on fb and left a post on their page for the giveaway

    I like this article page on fb

    I also tweeted about this giveaway on twitter @vettilabelle

  9. I would love to win the breeze because honestly I don’t have the money to buy one, I’m a mother of 2 boys and expecting my 3rd (a girl) on October 5th, 2014

  10. I’m a new mom, my daughter is 2 1/2 months old. She already has a Mamaroo why not keep it going & get a Breeze too. I know we’ll both enjoy it this summer in the summer breeze 🙂 thanks for the opportunity!

  11. I would love to win a Breeze for #2 that is on the way. We travel a lot and this would be so much easier to take with us than all the things we used with #1. And we will need someplace to put #2 during #1’s activities like swimming and playing outside.

  12. I would love love love to win a breeze!!! We have six kids so we r always on the go !!!baby jax would love it!!!thank you!!

  13. The breeze is awesome, we travel so much and have used a travel playpen from when my husband was little (in the 70s-80s!) it would be great to have a sleek new travel crib/playpen for our second child coming any day now!

    [email protected]

  14. I would like to win a 4moms breeze cause i need a place for my little one to nap during the day!
    Im a @dadarocks fan!
    I like @4moms page!

  15. I NEED a breeze! I want to throw my pack n play out of the car on the highway it causes me so much grief trying to set up and break down. We are due with baby 2 in October and have been wanting one so bad. Plus my husband climbed his big butt in ours the other day for a photo op and I think he may have caused some damage…. Well that’s what I keep trying to tell him so he will let me get a new one 🙂

    Like on FB and Twitter already 🙂
    Twitterer @JamieTouchton

  16. My baby girl is six months old. This would be the perfect safe place for her to learn sitting up and crawling. We also like taking a playpen to the pool with us to put in the shade. This one would be so easy to set up!


    katygmorris at gmail dot com

  17. I want to win this for our 4th baby because we got rid of all of our baby things after the last one outgrew them.
    twitter: @LindseyMDaly

  18. I want to win because I’m expecting in 2 weeks!

    katherinedibello (at) gmail (dot) com

  19. Me and my husband are expecting our first little baby at the end of september! It will be the first grandchild on my side of the family so we will be doing a lot of traveling to visit them once lil one arrives and having a breeze will make it so much easier for us to pack up and go and not worry about where we can have the baby sleep when we are away from home!

  20. Means of contacting are email OR twitter @lindsey_1210

    I follow @dadarocks on twitter!

  21. Although I have no children of my own, I have 8 nieces and nephews + a bonus nephew + another bonus niece/nephew on the way! (“Bonus” = my best friend’s wee ones). As much as I aspire to be the greatest Auntie in their lives, it certainly wouldn’t be complete with a few wonderful supplies such as this!

  22. okay another comment!

    I’ve liked both DaDa Rocks and 4Moms Facebook pages + wrote on 4Moms page as requested. I also +1 with G+

    Woo, there we are! Yay!

  23. With a baby due next month this would be GREAT! I keep going into contractions and we will be heading to the beach and to visit family in Ohio shortly after she is born, this would be such a help! Thanks for the chance!

  24. I have newborn twin boys and having something that is so easy to set up would help tremendously since my hands are already so full (in the best way!). We have had our eye on the Breeze for a while but it’s hard to scrounge up money for one with the amount of diapers and formula that come along with two babies! 🙂 Hoping we will end up winning one!

  25. I have newborn twin boys and having something that is so easy to set up would help tremendously since my hands are already so full (in the best way!). We have had our eye on the Breeze for a while but it’s hard to scrounge up money for one with the amount of diapers and formula that come along with two babies! 🙂 Hoping we will end up winning one! (twitter: @kelly_rash)

  26. It’s perfect to take to the beach. I’m a Facebook fan of both pages as well and commented. I don’t do twitter.

  27. I would LOVE to win the breeze because as a single mom I only have one hand. Pretty much my entire dare is filled with learning how to do things one handed. Including typing this comment! My pack and play takes two hands (sometimes it seems like I need 3) to put up!!

    [email protected]

  28. I would love to win one because I’m an army wife and it’s so difficult moving around from place to place and not receiving the crib and stuff on time. This will be so perfect to have, it would help so much! Thank you for giving us a chance to win!

  29. I would love to win a breeze for #2 due in Aug! I would use it in our room and then easily move it to other areas of our house/outside to have a safe place to set her down while chasing our adventurous toddler! I like how it comes with a bassinet and is higher up then most. Thanks for the opportunity! If I win please contact me through my email provided with this post.
    Twitter post:
    I am following you on twitter.
    I am a fan on Facebook.
    I have also liked and commented on the 4moms facebook page.
    And last but not least I liked this post on facebook!

    Thanks for this opportunity!

  30. I would love a Breeze to have when we travel. Both sets of grandparents are out-of-state and baby needs a place to sleep!

  31. I would love the Breeze because I want something easy enough to use that I actually use it! The Breeze would be awesome for my toddler and newest addition.

  32. I’d love to win this because I’ve due with my first baby this September. I’ve heard so many amazing things about the Breeze that I really want to get one for my baby girl! My contact email is stephanie.wolfe1203 at gmail dot com

  33. We would love to win a breeze because I nearly broke my finger setting up our normal pack n play a few months ago and are about to go on a roadtrip to visit family all over family and having the breeze would make our vacation so much better!!!

  34. I am the mom of 2 babies (one here and one on the way) a few months back I nearly broke my finger trying to set up our pack n play and would love to have something as conveivent as the breeze for situations like that. We are also embarking on our first big family vacation to visit family all around florida and would love to have a breeze to take along with us.

  35. I’m pregnant with our first child and we need a portable crib for the bedroom/backyard/grandparens’ house. The Breeze would be ideal since we’ll be constantly moving it around.

    Also: I’m following you on twitter (@BlitzerAtHome) and am a 4moms fan on facebook!

  36. I’d like to win this for our daughter who is due in October. That way when we travel with her and our two year old toddler it won’t be a nightmare. My twitter handle to contact me at is @lysasama !

  37. I want to win the breeze to be able to have somewhere safe for my baby to hang out in when we travel. @ngchiang

  38. Would love to win bc this would be awesome for travel and for grandma’s house! Love how easy it is to set-up and take down! nlevdan3 at yahoo dot com

  39. I am a Facebook fan of 4Moms, and I commented on their Facebook page mentioning this giveaway.

  40. I LIKED this Facebook page by clicking the Like button – Facebook name is Wendy Jabkowski.

  41. Would love to win this for a dear friend who is having her first child. Thanks for the chance to win. Dbyrne1[at]gmail[dot]com

  42. Soon to be new mom here, I’d love to win a 4moms Breeze so I would be able to visit people without worrying about a safe place to put down my baby girl! Also perhaps as a barrier between her and my crazy corgi!

  43. Thank you for this great contest. This would be wonderful for my daughter,husband and there 1st baby arriving in July. We live about 800 miles away so when my family comes and visits this would be so great for them to have. Thank you for the chance. [email protected]

  44. I want to win a 4moms Breeze because I would use it all the time. The bassinet would be great when my baby is born and also for traveling. green holly twig at yahoo dot com

  45. We need a travel play yard and this is the best one I have seen! Looks like a great product. Thanks for sharing.
    – Fan of 4Moms on Facebook!

  46. this would be so great to use as a bassinet in our small apartment and for visiting grandma

  47. Baby #2 is on the way and I would love to get rid of our clunky playard and have the Breeze! Twitter is @shellfink

  48. I would love to win the 4moms Breeze for my little grandchild who I take care of during the work week. I love how easy the Breeze is to set up and take down – amazing!

  49. We travel quite a bit and it would be great if we had something as simple as the breeze to use for our lo.

  50. We HATE our current play yard. As a military family, we travel constantly and the bought of the Breeze just makes me giddy! (and makes me want to go all Office Space on our current one should we win!) My twitter is @ArillaBlog!

  51. I’d like to win because I’d like a safe place to put our baby when we are traveling. @rachgarn

  52. This would be perfect in our home! We have family all over Florida and would use the Breeze for weekend road trips.

  53. We’re expecting baby #2 due next month, I want to win so I can bring it to my parent’s house this holiday. Thank you for the chance.

  54. i want to win BECAUSE IT’S AWESOME!! i would love to own one of these for our little one! thanks!

  55. I would love to win a 4moms breeze because it has great features. First, it looks great. Second, it is breezy enough for me not to be paranoid about ventilation. Third, it is very easy to open and close, so this won´t complicate things when we are at grandparent´s or other relative´s houses. Forth, it is hard to feel your baby is safe when you have a two level house. If the nursery is downstairs and you need to be upstairs, this is just very handy. And I am sure that there are many other perks I´d love but those are the main ones.

  56. I would love to win the 4moms Breeze because its so easy to take and go! My 9 month old is on the verge of crawling any minute now and this would be ideal to take to the park with the older kids, take to grandma’s, or just set up in the backyard for him to play in. Fingers crossed!

    My email address is kudra1978 at aol dot com.

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