#SellMyPhoneGot an old phone laying around that you don’t use much (or at all) anymore? Let’s be honest— in today’s world of trade-ins and constant new models, who doesn’t? Do you know what you can do with your old phone? Make some money off it! With some help from eBay, you can sell your phone quickly and easily. Here’s how you can sell a cell phone today:

  1. Go to www.ebay.com/sellmyphone.
  2. Choose your phone brand: do you have a Samsung phone? Blackberry? iPhone?
  3. Next, pick which model your phone fits? Is it a Samsung Galaxy? iPhone 4S? If you’re not sure, eBay has pictures of the different models, as well as a helpful guide you can click on to help you discern which type of phone you’ve got.
  4. Select which carrier your phone works with or if your phone is unlocked. If you’re not sure what this means, check out eBay’s guide on how to tell whether your phone is carrier locked or not.
  5. Choose the color of your phone. This one’s pretty self-explanatory… just look through the colors provided and click on the one that matches your phone.
  6. Describe the condition of your phone: with five options ranging from “New” to “For parts or Repair,” eBay is open to the whole spectrum of phone wear and tear.
  7. Set your price. eBay has two selling options for any item listed on the site, and they are both available for you to use when selling your phone. “Auction” allows you to set a minimum starting price to sell your phone at, which will increase as people bid on the phone. You can set an auction to last a fixed number of days, and at the end of that time the person with the highest bid pays you for your phone. “Buy it Now” lets you pick a flat price to sell your phone at, and the first person who agrees to buy your phone at that price simply pays you for it. You can use both of these methods at the same time if you like, offering buyers two different options for buying your phone.

and that’s all there is to it. In less than ten simple steps, you can have your old phone up on eBay and ready to bring you some cash. Now, I know some of you may still have some concerns about putting your phone up for sale on the internet, but you don’t have to worry: it’s safe (eBay has a guide for removing all your information from the phone), easy (as you’ve just seen, creating a listing only takes a few clicks), and definitely profitable. Considering that there’s a cell phone sold every four seconds on eBay, I’m sure that there’s somebody out there that’ll grab up one of your old phones and get you a few dollars along the way. So start rifling through your closets, cabinets, or whatever nooks and crannies of your house you think the cell phones of your past may have made their way into, and get those phones up on eBay— I know I sure will!

If you’ve got any questions about how to sell your phone on eBay (or success stories about how much you’ve earned by listing your phone online), feel free to let us know in the comments.