unnamed2bme, LLC, is pleased to announce the release of their first publication and educational children’s book, Ned & Rosco. This is an entertaining and educational children’s book, where kids and adults alike can learn about the psychology of human personality. It is written and illustrated to reflect the various human personality types, focusing on extroversion and introversion. Ned & Rosco follows the story of a studious, introverted turtle, Ned, and a lively, extroverted puppy, Rosco. Despite their polar opposite personalities, Ned and Rosco become friends when they realize they can help each other, utilizing each other’s differing individual perspectives.

Ned & Rosco teaches readers, children and adults, about human personality and the importance of cooperation. Young readers gain insights into their developing personalities and learn how to interact with others that are different from them. With new knowledge about human personalities, curious readers can find out their personality type by visiting the affiliated 2bme website.

Robin Robinson, author of Ned & Rosco, explains the inspiration behind her story. “In my early career, I worked with young children in the U.S. and Japan as an early childhood literacy teacher.  Later, as a medical school student affairs coordinator, I was introduced to the Myers Briggs personality test as a way to build effective teams among medical students.  I had long wanted to write a children’s book and when I saw the adorable puppy and turtle characters in the 2bme personality test, I was inspired to write a story that could help parents and teachers nurture the nature in the children they love.”

By imparting personality insights at such an early age, Ned & Rosco helps children become more socially aware and contemplative. Parents and teachers can also build a stronger relationship with their children, as they begin understanding individual personalities and motivations.  Accessible and playful, Ned & Rosco provides children with an entertaining fable where they can self-reflect and begin to grasp the qualities that make them each unique. Not only do adults bond with their children as they read together, but both kids and adults obtain a deeper connection when reading Ned & Rosco, as they learn about each other’s particular personality.

Ned & Rosco is currently available in hard cover on Amazon and on NedandRosco.com. In addition, a free, animated video can also be found on the Ned & Rosco website.