Britax B-Ready Stroller 2012 Review and Giveaway

britax-2012-b-ready-108-a82-lOne thing you’ll start to notice when you have a toddler is that they start to out grow strollers… usually its by weight – the stroller just doesnt handle right or worst.  When most people start shopping for strollers they dont ever thing of the size their child will most likely grow to be… my wife is 5’9” and I’m 6’2” having a small child wasnt in the cards — back then the Britax B-Ready wasnt on the market but if I was having a baby today – it would certainly be one of the top choices.

Lets give you the run down on some specs.

For use with children at least 6 months old, up to 55 lbs when using the single chair.  You could use this stroller from Birth by using the B-Safe or the Chaperone infant car seats.

You might have noticed I said the single chair – thats because you have 14 combinations of how you can go with this stroller – add a second seat or maybe you need a second seat that is an infant car seat – no problem.  Check out all the combinations here.

Reversible top seat with 4 recline positions – so you could have baby facing you or facing away.

Foam-filled rubber tires so you never have to worry about a flat tire.

One big reason why you’re seeing more and more Britax strollers – not only has Britax one of the best reps for safety but the price points on these strollers are amazing! Check out some of the prices on amazon but I bet you could find these strollers at a family owned store near you too.

How to win it… Contest ends 11:59pm EST. January 24th, 2013.
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Disclaimer: Britax USA supplied the B-Ready Stroller for this contest and it is limited to the USA.


528 thoughts on “Britax B-Ready Stroller 2012 Review and Giveaway”

  1. I love the Britax’s ability to add another seat. With an ever changing family, this is a fabulous feature. Keep one seat while older ones are at school, add the seat when they are around.
    Fan of dada rocks on Facebook.
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    Suggesting to friends on fb.
    Sorry, I’m not on twitter.

  2. I love the reversible seat, and the fact that it can be folded with the seat attached. I looked at a lot of strollers with this feature, and for the majority of them you have to take it apart to fold it up!

  3. I love that baby could be rear or forward-facing. And I love that it works well for taller/larger children (I’m 5’1″, but my husband is 6’3″ … and mother nature was NOT kind enough to split the difference, lol – all three have taken after dad). Thanks for the chance! The B-Ready has been on my wishlist, so fingers and toes are crossed. [email protected]

  4. I love the reversible seat with 4 recline positions and that there are 14 different combination options that you can use to fit your specific needs
    felicia.431 at gmail dot com

  5. I love the way it folds with both seats attached!! My best friend is due in April with her 2nd. She could really use this stroller!

  6. The Britax would be the only stroller I’d need to buy for the granddaughter as it grows with her!

  7. I like that it converts to in-line double stroller to accommodate multiple seat and infant car seat configurations

  8. I love everything about this from the reversible seat, to the storage underneath, to the fact that it can carry a larger child.

  9. I love that the stroller can be used as a single or a double and that the main seat can face in or out. Great stroller! nlevdan3 at yahoo dot com

  10. The #1 feature of this stroller is that its a Britax! Preferred method of contact is my email.

    Thank you,


  11. I love the 14 combinations, you can add a extra seat and the fact that it is a big heavy duty stroller.

  12. After some serious research on strollers for twins, I have fallen in love with the Britax B Ready. Functions as a double stroller without the bulky appearance of a traditional travel system. My identical twin boys will be riding in style.

  13. I like that there are 14 combinations of how you can use it and that there are 4 recline postitions. taralieb at yahoo dot com

  14. I would love that it can have a 2nd seat. I have a 2 year old and am due in June for our 3rd.

    I follow you on twitter @JenParas

  15. I love how it has the bassinet addition, like a pram. That’s the main thing I’ll be needing in a stroller that I chose

  16. I like that it’s possible to use from birth with getting one of the appropriate car seats (saving the need to spend money on two strollers!)

  17. There are so many things I love. I love that you can take the seat off and just snap on the Infant seat. I love that you can have the seat face you or away. I also love the option for the board attachment that my 3 year old can stand on. Love everything about it.
    sweetinsahmnity at gmail

  18. This stroller looks awesome! My son is in the 95th percentile for height/weight so we could definitely use this! Plus I love the different reclining positions so he can have choices for how far up or down he wants to be.

  19. I LOVE the 14 different combinations in which you can adjust the seat! Sometimes my daughter is clingy and wants to face me, other times at the zoo or park she wants look out and see everything!

  20. I love all the different configurations being forward or back facing. Love that. fosterbrandy(at)msn(dot)com

  21. I liked Britax and name dropped dadarocks

    Also, I have a 13 month old and expecting again, love the different configurations of this stroller, it is on my must have list

  22. I love the single to double feature! And the fully upright seating position. And the cute colors. And the reversible seat. And……:)

  23. I love that the seat is reversible, that there are so many options to the configuration of the stroller, AND that it comes with such a large storage basket!

    Contact via email: [email protected]
    Twitter: LMSchnkl

  24. Sounds like a great item for a new family! Follow both Britax and DaDa Rocks. @sidelinedbeth. Love that the contest includes Twitter since I love twitter but have never tried facebook.

  25. I love how you can add a second seat. It makes sense – very often I find myself thinking there are so many baby products that have such a short lifespan – it can be wasteful.

  26. I liked this page on Facebook.
    Priscilla Villarreal-Benavides
    priscillavbenavides at yahoo dotcom

  27. I Like Britax on Facebook.
    Priscilla Villarreal-Benavides
    priscillavbenavides at yahoo dotcom

  28. I love the overall design of this stroller and the versatility of it! Not to mention it is a Britax! Became a fan of yours, left a post on Britax webpage! Signed up for email! I WANT THIS STROLLER!! LOL

  29. I am a fan of DadaRocks and Britax on facebook.
    I am following both DadaRocks and Britax on twitter.
    I have tweeted and shared on both Twitter and Facebook

  30. I can’t change a flat tire…even on a stroller. I dig the foam-filled rubber tires that eliminate the problem completely!
    Mandy @

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