1354465380_horoscope-2013I really had planned to kick off the new year with a updated dadarocks. well – its looks nice and took some sweet time getting the website looking this nice.  Then Monday happened – I was told I was being downsized… Being let go really knocks the wind out of you… it wasnt something I had planned on (but who are we kidding who plans for that to happen?).

So here we go 2013 time to make some big changes… not just based in career but pretty much everywhere in my life… yes I know I’ve said it before but now I’m serious.  Things will change… I’m looking forward to it because really it should have happened a long time ago…. and it really has to change!

Over the weekend I purchased a vitamix blender — its not just a blender its the Infinity of blenders. My brother-in-law Tim has lost over 75 lbs in the last year using a combination of things but one of the most helpful was the Green Drink. So between my wife watching too much Dr. Oz and my Brother-in-law I’ve found myself the owner of a vitamix with a plan to start getting healthy in 2013 since it clearly didnt stick after my heart attack.

I love everyone that talks about new years resolutions — I have always been a believer in just do it whenever you need to — well I look at myself and I see that I need too… I’ve put on all the weight I lost and maybe a few extra pints of ice cream (I mean pounds).  I know you will all say so whats the exercise plan – first I need to start eating healthier then I’ll get slowly into exercise and all the fun stuff after that…

The one promise I made this new years was to really look into making a bucket list… I dont have one – I actually dont have a will either but thats a conversation for another day.  I rattled off somethings quickly the other day.

-Get to attend a Superbowl game

-Write a book

-Vacation in Bali

-Own a home (or an NYC apartment)

Whats on your bucket list?