The tech gifts your mom wants #HPLovesMom

Moms are always putting others before themselves and updating their technology is no exception. This Mother’s Day, I’ll let one of you lucky readers give their mom what she really wants – a full “Tech-Over” suite of HP technology including an All-in-One desktop, notebook and wireless mouse!

What does that include?

  HP TouchSmart 320
Mothers have that special touch that makes everything better, so why not reward her skill with the HP TouchSmart 320? This powerful, compact, wireless all-in-one PC can recognize mom’s fingers before she even touches the screen, making her interaction more accurate and responsive while enhancing her viewing experience on the 20-inch, full high-definition widescreen. Plus, the new TouchSmart 5.0 “Magic Canvas” software means she can jot notes, open apps and view content all at once. Available on HP Home & Home Office. Starts at $599.99.
  HP Pavilion dm1
Measuring less than 1-inch thin and sporting AMD’s dual-core Fusion processor, the HP Pavilion dm1 blends portability with power and performance. With its compact size, 8GB of memory and Beats Audio™, the dm1 is ideal for those moms that do-it-all and are always on the go. Available on HP Home & Home Office. Starts at $399.99.
  HP X4000 Wireless Laser Mouse
Not only is the HP X4000 Wireless Laser Mouse ambidextrous, but it also comes in three attractive colors (ruby red, winter blue and black). This high performance wireless mouse also operates from up to 30 feet away and can be used on almost any surface. Available on HP Home & Home Office. Starts at $29.99.

That’s right its a prize pack with…

How to win it… Contest ends 11:59pm EST. May 8th, 2012.

You must comment why your mom needs a tech-over?  please include some method for us to contact you in the comment (twitter or email).

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You will have 24 hours to reply before we pick another winner! Limited to the USA.

Disclaimer: HP is providing the prizes for the raffle.


Author: DaDa Rocks!

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  1. My mom needs a tech overhaul… not just a makeover. She has a nice computer at work, but when she comes home..she has nothing. She always has to email or check the grandkids pictures at work…if she has time. I would like for her to be able to come home and eat dinner and then relax infront of the computer. She took in my niece and nephew when their mom died in a car crash at the ages of 7 and 10 and helped to raise them into the great kids they are today. Now 18 and 15. This was after we (her own children) had all grown and left the nest. She is the best mom ever. She really deserves it. Thank you for the chance. Happy Mother’s Day to all of the Awesome Moms out there!!

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  5. My mom needs a tech make over to support her new Skype habit and to update off of Vista which I’m very tired of supporting remotely. She and my dad are also in a new house with the perfect place for the HP TouchSmart 320 in the kitchen so mom can keep working her way through the Epicurious recipe collection.

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  9. My mom needs a tech makeover! She has a 2004 desktop and a 2007 laptop that must be plugged in because the battery is dead! New HP equipment would be an amazing gift for an amazing mom.

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  12. I would love to win this for my mom that has a windows 2000 dell pc. It’s in desperate need of a makeover & since that’s impossible for her right now, this would be perfect for her.

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  19. I am the mom and I need a tech makeover! My one and a half year old dumped her cereal over my laptop so I am currently computerless and have to borrow the hubz’s :/

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  22. My mom needs a major tech-up she barely knows how to tuna computer, she has yet to learn how to send an email….yep she’s way under the times Eventhough she’s hasn’t even hit 50 yet…there is still hope that we can bring her into the 21st century

  23. Use not *tuna lol darn autocorrect

  24. Mom needs a tech-over because she’s using a laptop that’s on it’s VERY LAST LEG. She deserves the best there is, so I’ll try to do that for her through you! Thank you so much for the chance!

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  29. My wife (mom of 2) is going back to school this coming Fall to work on a Post-Grad degree in the Psychology field. That’s why she needs a tech-over.

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  32. I am a busy mother of two sons and I need a tech makeover because my computer is old and slow!

  33. I am the momma who need a total tech makeover! My comp shuts off by itself every day, freezes a couple times a day, and hardly does what I need it to do 🙁 As a blogger and photographer my business and obligations depend on tech equipment being reliable. This would not only make my mother’s day but my year! Thank you for the chance! (@lifeonprint

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  38. My mom needs a tech-over so she can stay connected to family and friends

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  43. My mom needs a tech makeover because she is always asking me how to use the computer and how she can find information faster online! I always tell her, you need some new tech gadgets! She also deserves it because she is the best mom! I am one of us 5 siblings that she has raised. Three of them are still 8 and under and she homeschools. She hardly has time for herself. Plus, homeschooling requires a lot of research and work on a computer, so this would be perfect for her!


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  47. My Mom needs a tech makeover since everything she uses is from the stoneage and her fans are whining so bad I get headaches. Even technicians shake their heads at the mess she has.

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  52. My mom needs a makeover because her computer is so old it has Windows 98 on it (now that’s old).
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  57. My mom needs a tech make over – she doesn’t even know how to use the computer – would love for her to learn and so I can keep in touch with her – she lives 400 miles away – we need to get connected!

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  61. My mom needs an tech makeover because all of her electronic stuff has been dying (laptop, printer/scanner, etc.)

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  64. My Mom needs a tech over because she is using an old computer my brother brought for her YEARS ago! This would be a dream come true for her and ME because she’ll finally be able to Skype Wooo Hoooo

    Twitter: @MsLatina

  65. Its my kids mom that needs the tech make over. She loves to do things with our pictures on the pc and help the youngest with his school projects as well as make up posters and things for her work, but our PC is on its last legs. The graphic card died and now the computer will shut down by itself out of the blue. She deserves some new tech for all she does!
    [email protected]

  66. My Mother needs a Tech-Makeover because she has recently started working out of her home and has only an old model laptop at her disposal. She is currently awaiting surgery to repair four ruptured disc in lower back. She has been in a lot of pain and discomfort for the last year. Not too mention how much $$ she is forking out for Dr and etc. This would be a HUGE surprise for her, one that she deserves. She is the type of person who will surprise ppl who are in checkout line behind her at store, by paying for their items. Even though she may not really have it. I would love to see her get something in return for all her generosity and compassion. Thank you for the chance.

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  71. I need a tech makeover because my computer is SLOW

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  73. My wife needs a tech mover so she can stop using mine!

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  75. My mom needs a tech overhaul because she still has her old gateway with a huge monitor that either works or doesn’t. Because it still works some of the time she refrains from buying a new one on account of she doesn’t know exactly what she needs or wants and makes the process long and complicated for anyone that has tried taking her shopping for one. ON the days her computer won’t boot she will stop by to borrow my laptop, which I don’t mind, but then I am left without mine and some days I need it.

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  79. My mom needs a tech make over so she can email us faster.

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  83. Ma needs a tech makeover because she broke the last computer!

    Please feel free to contact me at –

    allrightyes at gmail dot com

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  88. I want to win #HPLovesMom becos I can talk to my mom via webcam She is in India

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  91. My mom needs a tech makeover because like most moms she puts herself last. Poor mom doesn’t even have her own computer. She rarely has the opportunity to use one. I’ve seen her look enviously at others using them but she’s afraid to use anyone elses because she’s “afraid she’ll break it”. I think she’d have a lot more confidence using one if she had one of her own. It would be aweome for her because she’d have access to the social media sites & email so she could get & stay in touch with friends and relatives she rarely gets to see. She’s a caregiver for my dad who’s blind so is isolated in a lot of ways due to his not being able to stay home alone. This would be an amazing Mothers Day gift, if I was lucky enough to win it!

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  95. My mom needs a techover because her computer just died recently and she hasn’t the clue where to begin. This would be the answer to her prayers and simplify life for us all!

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  99. My mother needs a tech makeover because her computer is 10 years old!

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  104. my mom needs a tech-over because her computer always gets the blue screen of death.i followed you on tweeter and i’m also a fan of u on facebook 🙂 i’m @Paulverized on twitter

  105. my mom need a tech-over because her computer is still in the stone-age

  106. My Mom needs a tech makeover because she has an 2008 DuraBook which isn’t that durable, my 2 year old has picked out several keys on the keyboard and it must be plugged in as the battery is dead. This would be a Great gift for a Great Mom! Thanks for a wonderful giveaway!

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  109. I’m a mom and I totally need an overhaul. My kids have taken over the “main” computer and I feel that its going to be worse as they get older. I am also “plugged in” all the time and I think its high-time that this mom gets her own computer so I can “plug in” and work, blog, tweet, instagram, pinterest anytime that I want! Plus, I’m more of PC person…just grew up with PC’s and would rather do all my work on it!

  110. Her computer is over several years old and is sluggish and she needs something new and fast.
    tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com.

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  115. Because she is out of the loop with tech, at least she has a computer, its just old and slow like a processer. She deserves to be able to communicate online with others online, chat and have a little fun- and she could watch her fav tv shoes online too

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  120. my mom needs a tech makeover because her computer is over 10 years old..she can’t do anything on it but email

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  126. My mom needs a big tech-over! She is still using Web-TV…….ouch!
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  131. My mom needs a tech makeover because she has only learned how to play solitaire on the computer and it’s so old it takes forever to get it going. It’s the most irreprehensible thing I have ever heard of, but she is going through a separation as a true senior right now. The computer is a way for the kids and grandkids to connect with her as she now lives alone. She lives her life out FOR her family in every way and she deserves the best out there. Her story of fighting her way back and going back to school as a battered mom of NINE should be penned. It would be best seller but no one could ever believe…truth is stranger than fiction. She is our confidante, the leader of our fan club, our mentor and still is teaching us as she grows older. Amazing is the only word for her.

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  135. My mom could really use a techover! Her computer sounds like the space shuttle going into orbit and I fear it won’t last much longer! She needs to be able to see pictures of her grandkids!!/kzarr

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  137. Her computer never works, very frustrating!

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  140. Mom deserves a tech makeover because she needs a better, faster, computer to be able to stay in touch with her friends and family from out of state, and out of the country! She’ll love being able to skype!

  141. My mom needs a tech makeover because she gets confused when we talk about wifi, and still owns a typewriter

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  146. My sons mom needs a tech makeover because she is still on a computer useing XP

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  150. My mom doesn’t need one but I sure do. The CD driver is busted so really limits what I can do on it. I would love to let my kids give this to me as a Mother’s Day present.

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  155. I would really love to win this awesome giveaway for my mom. Her computer is 9 years old and the touch pad no longer works and a few keys are missing. It’s super slow, super heavy and just old. But as long as it still let’s her sign on, she won’t replace it.
    wenmun at @wendynoel72

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  160. The mom in my life needs a tech makeover because her system is very outdated, slow and cumbersome.

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    I want to win the #HPLovesMom Tech Make Over for MOM from @HP & @dadarocks –

  167. @Crystal Warren,

    my email is amethyst2272 at

  168. Oh wow…I would be a hero to my mom if I could win her this awesome “HP TechOver!” Let’s be honest…she’s a mess! I love her dearly but she’s downloaded so many viruses that her current notebook is just a P.O.S! Could you please help turn me in to the “Son of the Year?!” @RAPanitz

    I’m a Facebook fan.
    I’m now getting the Feedburner!
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  169. Not my mom, but my kids’ mom (aka my wife) could use a tech makeover because we love using tech to teach the boys.

  170. My mom needs a tech-over. She is currently working with a 7 year old desktop that is hanging on by a thread. She would love to be able to Skype with her grand kids but her computer is working with just a little memory and I’m afraid it will crash. Please make my mom’s dreams come true!
    rmartinclarke @

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