you might have noticed that there has been an utter lack of posting on – I really wanted to make sure I was being fair to my readers and to myself. I wanted to wait to publish a piece that was a new truth in my life.  That finding yourself in parenting is one incredible thing but then finding a similar a passion in the work you do is amazing.  Since I stumbled onto social media – I was kicking and dragging my feet about myspace, but joined facebook with the masses, twitter – how about a year after the early birds, pinterest ok just a month or two late to that game… but I’m there… Social media is my passion and I have found great success around many aspects of it.

What started as a hobby, as turned into passion and what has turned from my passion is the next chapter of my new job.  I’ll be handling Marketing and Social Media for J&R Jr. With that said – I’m still going to be blogging about the amazing products that I find and products that are dada approved. You’ll see more posts about social media, and technology trends, and I’m going to start to condense all those other ideas into one big DaDa Rocks! So I hope soon you’ll be listening to my DAD FM podcast… I’ll be doing a series of posts on TV commercials directed at Dads or about Fatherhood in something I’m calling DADVERTISE and best of all we have some great giveaways still 🙂