Want a VTech Phone multi-tasker basket this holiday season?

VTech and research firm Toluna conducted a survey that took a pulse on holiday season attitudes and behaviors, and found that:

  • Parents want to get everything done and still have time to enjoy the season, but moms (33 percent) and dads (32 percent) say that find that balance is a challenge and causes stress. In fact, 48 percent of moms said if they had an extra set of hands to get things done, they’d spend more time with family and friends.
  • Shoppers are still feeling the effects of the economy, with nearly half of respondents ranking having “more money to give presents” as their top wish during the holiday season. In addition, 47 percent of consumers said not having enough money is the most stressful thing to worry about during the holidays.
  • A special moment with family and friends is all consumers want for the holidays.  The holidays are known for great food and special traditions, so it’s no surprise that consumers embrace the season for its togetherness. Survey respondents ranked a holiday meal (24 percent) as the No. 1 thing not to miss during the holidays, followed by a special family tradition (22 percent). The holiday spirit rings strongly, as the overwhelming majority of consumers don’t want to miss out on any seasonal festivities with only 13 percent of consumers saying “bah humbug” to holiday cheer.
Included in this basket of joy is…
  • Functional leather basket
  • Chocolates
  • Beverage warmer
  • $100 Staples gift card
  • Desktop organizer
  • VTech Multi-tasking phone system
  • Fun holiday trimmings

How to win it… Contest ends 11:59pm EST. December 7th, 2011.
Leave a comment below with one item  you’d love to have in this basket and please include some method for us to contact you in the comment (twitter or email).

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You will have 24 hours to reply before we pick another winner!
Disclaimer: Vtech Phones supplied the basket for this giveaway. Limited to the USA

147 thoughts on “Want a VTech Phone multi-tasker basket this holiday season?”

  1. I really need the V-Tech phone! My cordless phone just died recently and I am stuck using the phone on the wall until I get a new cordless phone. Thank goodness I don’t talk on the phone a lot, because having to stay in one spot would drive me crazy! Thank you!

  2. I’d love to have the basket itself! It’s nice looking and would be great for organizing shelf space near my desk.

  3. The VTech Multi-tasking phone system is my favorite thing- I use a landline and I have one cordless phone in the living room. It os constantly dying because no one remembers to put it in the cradle! If I had another to go with it the batteries might stand a chance!

  4. I’m not sure if you get to choose your V-Tech phone but I am totally intrigued by their Connect to Cell systems since we are contemplating cancelling our landline. So I hope that it would be one of those! Otherwise, who doesn’t love chocolates?! Mmm!

  5. The Staples gift card would top my husband’s list – our printer has been out of ink for months now, lol!!! Aaaaand the chocolates would top my list… because I embrace the female stereotype. 🙂

    megancrose at gmail dot com

  6. I’m a fan of V-Tech on FB (www.facebook.com/megan.crose) and mentioned that you sent me.

    megancrose at gmail dot com

  7. Boy its hard to pick one item from the basket, but I would have to say the phone system. I have no home phone right now, only cell phones, even though I have the phone service as part of my cable bundle ( yes I know kind of dumb). I would love to be able to use it with this system.
    [email protected]

  8. I’d love the VTech phone system. My house phone is ancient and an upgrade would be wonderful! twitter @rusthawk

  9. The V-Tech phone! Our house phone is so old we need a new one. It is so old that it only works for like 20 mins off the charger. I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve talked on it and got cut off because the battery died. Also, if we leave it off charger I can’t answer the phone when it rings because it’ s not charged enough. I’ve been too cheap to buy a new house phone, but we need one. What’s even worse, is that my cell doesn’t come in at home lol.

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