Pampers Hello World Baby Memories App is available now – Enter to win an iPod Touch


A while back I invited to a little charity gifting and giving (those plans are still in the works) but out of that came an invite to be part of pampers baby board.  There is a new Pampers Hello World Baby Memories App is available now for free download on iTunes for your iPad, iPod Touch or iPhone.  Because of Pampers one lucky reader is going to win an iPod Touch and a pack of Pampers SoftCare Baby Fresh Wipes.

Features on the new Hello World app include:

  • Making Memories- a one-touch sharing capability that allows you to take photo and videos, then quickly upload them to Facebook, Flickr, Twitter or Youtube at the touch of a button.
  • Albums- Allows you to conveniently organize and arrange, by category, your family’s photos directly on your ipad, itouch or iphone device.
  • Growing Baby- Allows you to take daily photos of your baby then pulls them all together in a time-lapse video so you can see how quickly your baby is growing right before your eyes! The best part is you can use this feature to create your own personal parenthood story– start with the baby bump, then the growth of your baby’s facial features, hands, feet, first tooth, etc. Growing Baby reveals in a remarkable way how precious babyhood really is…not that we need an app for that, but it’s still amazing to see!

The Hello World Baby Memories app is part of a series of apps called Pampers Hello Parenting Apps which also includes the Hello Baby Pregnancy Calendar

The Pampers Hello Baby Pregnancy Calendar allows you to explore life-sized images (iPad only; images in iPhone and iTouch are not life-sized) of a baby in the womb from week 4 up to week 40. Learn about the stages of pregnancy and make small discovers about a baby’s development. Did you know that a baby could respond to sounds by week 28? The “womb translator” feature allows you to record your voice, then play it back or share it with friends in the tone that your baby hears it.

How to win it… Contest ends 11:59pm EST. October 26th, 2011.
1 winner will win an Apple iPod Touch… Tell us what memories you’d love to save in the app and please include some method for us to contact you in the comment (twitter or email).

You get 1 extra entry for tweeting about this contest (you can do this daily). Must contain the following information: #PampersHelloApps @pampers @dadarocks  — and you must also leave comment on this blog with the link to your tweet.

Example: I want to win a #apple #ipodtouch thanks to @pampers #PampersHelloApps from @dadarocks  –

You get 1 extra entry for following us on twitter –

You get 1 extra entry for following them on twitter –

You get 1 extra entry for becoming a FAN on Facebook – you must comment that you’re a fan

You get 1 extra entry for becoming a FAN on theirs Facebook – you must comment that you’re a fan

You get 1 extra entry for recommending a friend to become a Fan on Facebook – they must comment that you sent them and you must comment here for the entry

You will have 24 hours to reply before we pick another winner!

Disclaimer: Thanks to Pampers for this raffle prize. Please note this is limited to the USA.

344 thoughts on “Pampers Hello World Baby Memories App is available now – Enter to win an iPod Touch”

  1. I know someone who is expecting and this would be so perfect I would love to see her save each little milestone in the baby’s life with the Growing Baby part of it.

  2. I think this is so cool would love to save all those special moments that I was not able to when I was pregnant

  3. I sent my friend Laurie to like dada rocks facebook and she commented on wall Thank you & Pampers for this fabulous chance to win

  4. This would be very cool to help my sister capture the new little that is coming in 3 months. cjsorel at

  5. I wish I had this when I was pregnant to follow the growth of my baby and belly in “real time” I wish I had captured the birth of my boys on camera. I have the first picture when fresh out of the womb – very special moments.

  6. I save memories of my 3 wonderful children that are growing way too fast!


  7. I would love to save all the new accomplishments that my grand nephew is doing, realising that he has fingers is the cutest

  8. My kiddos are already born and I try to save their laugh every few months in a voice memo to compare over time. I’d love to have an app combine these and connect them with time in addition to their visual progression. @Slappy2001
    (oops? left this above?)

  9. I would have loved the growing baby app. I wish I had kept all those memories from my pregnancy. I would definitely use that and save those things with my next pregnancy!! Thank you!

  10. I recommended my friend Lisa Krissman Lodter and she became a facebook fan and also commented on your wall.


  11. My favorite memories to save are photographs of art that my kids create. I save them by date so I can see their progress. Thanks for the chance to win!
    mrsmchappell at gmail dot com

  12. I love capturing my two kiddles together, their relationship is so amazing and loving… most of the time! I would use the app to remind them of that when they are getting “annoyed” with each other. @MacKidKtoA

  13. I would love to save memories of my hubby reading to our kids during devotions before he leaves to Korea for a year so they can look back and see it anytime they want to.

  14. I would love to have this to add photo’s of my mom. She just passed and I so miss her and I can use this to pull up her photos everywhere i go! Thanks for the chance @Caringmom

  15. I love the idea of the time lapse video feature! I wish this was around when my kids were tiny babies. I’d love to see this available on Android too.
    Having an App available like this to save all the little milestones would be great. Like a little photo diary for baby. When they ate their 1st solids, rolled over, sat up.

    [email protected]

  16. The kids are 5 and 7. Watching them grow, their first lost tooth, their first bad haircut. the first day of school. So many memories happening as we watch…

  17. I’d love to save the memories of my little guys just learning to ride their Strider Bikes! Beyond cute to see my 3 year-old on the race track getting faster each time & adorable that my youngest loves to just throw the clay, hehe! Awesome memories to keep track of for when they are Strider Bike Champions someday! 😀 @VectoringMomma

  18. I would love to save my sister-in-law pregnancy. I’m finally going to be a aunt, and since she is a first time parent and would really want something special like this to gift to her =]


  19. The memories I’d love to save in the app are the words or sayings that get mixed up when they are young.

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