Hopefully by now you’ve seen a few of the dadarocks tweets or a few of the dadarocks facebook page updates, but if not you might have missed the news about Late Night Parents.  Really Late Night Parents was born from the desire for a parenting show that could be hosted at night for when those that have 9-5s could catch up or simply have the kids fast asleep to enjoy hearing the latest in parenting news and products.

I asked my good internet friend Josh Becker of DadStreet.com to take the 2nd seat and away it went… fast forward 9 weeks, we’ve had our glitches but more then that we’ve found great success and a real audience (I was worried there would be crickets). The best part is that if you’re not watching it live there is great content in watching the show in replay. The replays are up on iTunes, Vimeo, Blip, Boxee, Roku, and MomTV (along with a few others).

The show is geared for expecting parents, new parents, parents of toddlers, and parents of little kids/tweens. We really try to cover the range and by doing so we also get to help parents out with amazing giveaways.  This week we have a few great giveaways up and going up.  The biggest of which is Mamas & Papas Mylo Stroller Giveaway.

The live show is Monday Nights at 11PM est.  and I really hope you get a chance to check it out! For more information please check out http://latenightparents.com