I was sent a copy of Carol Roth’s new book The Entrepreneur Equation to read and review. Carol gives the reader a no holds barred look at what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur. This is the book that doesn’t dance around the secret sauce it tells you what you need to put in to make it all work. You can go to business school get your MBA and I would still say you need to read this book.

Why should you even listen to Carol? Carol has an amazing background in not only helping entrepreneurs like you, but she’s helped companies raise over $1 billion in capital. She knows her stuff, which is why MSNBC, FOX Business and many other business outlets consistently feature Carol’s advice.

I believe this book should be required reading for both aspiring and existing business owners.  There is some great stuff going on http://theentrepreneurequation.com including some special offers – say a limited edition doll if you purchase 10 books at a time.  Since I have the feeling you’ll be watching Carol from you’re living room this time next year – it might truly be a great collectors item.

Carol wants entrepreneurs to succeed and while the book might make you a bit discourage you from quitting your day job its all about taking the risk to be an entrepreneur a person who is simultaneously passionate and realistic will do the work laid out in the book can use it to become successful. This is not a get rich quick book, there is no buy 12 sell to 12 and have them sell to their 12 pyramid schemes. This is a book that will challenge you in ways that you may not have thought and because of that it is a good book to read.