Sesame Street makes TV dads want to watch

Unless you live without TV you’ve heard the huff and puff about Sesame Street’s Katy Perry’s Elmo Hot N Cold music video got pulled from the show.  Ok I’ll admit maybe just a straight tube top could have been better but really its not like shes hanging out.

Here is the video – what do you think? too hot for tv or just making some noise?

Author: DaDa Rocks!

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  1. It’s borderline, but no big deal. This will create more of a stir by pulling it than if they just let it air.

  2. sounds like a katy / sesame workship PR team dream come true!!!!

  3. I’m amazed – do people really get upset with something like this? It’s just a pretty dress, and they are playing dress-up. It annoys me that grownups go an sexualize something like this; it’s the protesters who a sexualizing the kids, not the show or the dress.

  4. Wifey and I were talking about this. How did this get taped and no one said anything until after they were done?? We didn’t think it was that bad (a couple of shots were a little much) but nothing that couldn’t haven’t fixed during the shoot.

  5. Totally.. kids would have no clue other than it is a catchy song and they are playing dress up. My daughter would have loved it.

  6. That’s exactly what I was wondering. Did the director not notice her boobs bouncing? But I also agree that it’s not bad enough to be pulled.

  7. I didn’t get bothered by it at first because I think Katy Perry is hot. Then I realized that this is Sesame Street! Does she really need to be showing cleavage on this show? As much as I enjoy looking at it, my kids would do just fine if she were a little more dressed.

  8. No problem w/ it here. And I agree, didn’t anyone SEE what was happening when she was running? If it’s that much of an issue they would/should have addressed it in advance. It’s BS. I posted about it, too, though. It’s good chatter! 😉

  9. I definitely think people are overreacting. Yes, she has cleavage. No, she doesn’t look slutty. Women have breasts, big deal. She looks like she’s wearing an ice skating costume. If it was black and lacy, maybe I would be a little more skeptical but I don’t think she’s letting it all hang out.

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