Coming back from summer its time to fall back into better habits, and child safety is always one that we can use a little help remember and brushing up.  I’ve wanted to give both moms and dads some great safety tips but who am I? I’m certainly no safety expert – there are people who are just that safety experts so let me introduce you to Kimberlee Mitchell with Safety 1st Pros [Link].

Our first stop is the washing room why because its a room I long to have since I dont in my apartment but really its one of the easiest rooms to overlook in the house, its not as simple as stairs and certainly its one of the quickest room you forget about closing the door if you’re in a rush with your hands full of clothing.

After that I got some questions and answers with Kimberlee that I’ll share with the other videos as well…

Q: What myth about childproofing would you like to prove incorrect?

A: Childproofing is not as simple as some might think. Perhaps parents set out to childproof and then get stuck when they encounter a safety conundrum – aka a safety hazard that is not easily eliminated with a store bought child safety device due to device not fitting and working the way it should. The DIY boom has welcomed many new brands, products, designs, etc. into the marketplace making it fun to remodel but impossible for any one child safety device to meet a common household danger like a knob cover, drawer latch, toilet lock, safety gate, etc.

Then they get stuck and postpone “fixing” the hazard until they can come up with a better solution.  Times flies, busy parents forget and injury occurs.

Safety 1st Pros are a team of mobile child injury prevention professionals who conduct house calls to help parents who need a helping hand to childproof the home. We have a unique talent for solving in-home child safety conundrums due to our specialized hands-on and in-class training plus more than 5,000 childproofed homes under our belt.  This combined with the in-depth child safety education that we offer our customers undoubtedly sets us apart from regular handymen or layman do-it-yourselfer.   We are far more than handymen and women!.  We are the Safety 1st Pros