Last week was Marc’s 2nd birthday. What an amazing feeling to watch my son blow out his own candles, to now hear him babble out words that sometimes I understand… weird but I’ve developed an hear for toddler-ese.

I know he’s understand about 70-80% of what I’m saying these days, which is great but also is troubling when you’re saying no dont touch that and as he’s staring me in the eyes goes and touches it. Hello my friend we’ve entered the terrible twos – something that will push my mental toughness to new limits because really why do our outlets look like little smiling faces? why is no equal to a yes to a toddler? why is it always yes, yes, yes until the one thing you really want them to do is now a no? why do people give you the stink eye when you’re kid is screaming like you kidnapped them in the elevator… lol its going to be a long but very interesting year.

I’m told the highlights will include potty training – yah right?! I’m going to stock up on the huggies diapers now cause I dont think there is enough vodka and wine in the state to keep my sane for that… I do ok with poop in a diaper on the floor? or in a plastic bowl that I need to scrape out isnt in the cards for this urban dad.

I love the fact that Marc can speak a good bit and can try to explain to me what he wants and now he knows to pull me and point to things if I dont understand his toddler-ese… I just wish there was an off button for jumping off the couch with no one there to catch him, and looking at the hot water tube like it was the golden ticket or something.

I can only imagine in his head – dada said no that must mean its really good and for him – I want to try this out myself.

Well pass the advil its going to be a bumpy ride!