NO SLEEP TO PARENTS! Sure the original Beastie Boys line was No Sleep to Brooklyn but I live in Manhattan so lets just leave it as No Sleep to Parents!

Marc hasn’t finished a solid night in weeks.  He gets up for 5 minutes sips some water and back to bed… here’s the catch its not his bed.  He’ll only get back to sleep in between Wifey and me. This is killer, it creates ZOMBIE MAMA & DADA. Sure Zombie DaDa Rocks still rocks but its totally rough…

We have the crib tent setup and that keeps Marc in the crib (so we’ve defeated the ninja) but we are now dealing with a child who when he wakes up, freaks out and wants out of the crib ASAP.

We’re starting to think of a keeping a toddler bed in our room and then slowly moving the bed to his own room. We always try to set good ground rules but when it comes to a screaming/crying kid anytime after midnight till 8am –
I’m the sucker, I just fold like a cheap suit.

I really cant stand to hear/see him cry and when he knows I’m around he wont give up his tantrum like he would if it was just Wifey. What would your suggestion be on the sleeping through the night (in his own room and his own crib/bed)? Whats got you walking around like a zombie?