I enjoy being a father – you could ask anyone in my life. I’m a proud (over the moon) dad.

There are tasks that I’m less then happy about the biggest of them is cleaning up vomit. The good thing is that’s super rare but on the short list behind that is poop.

As an adult you really don’t think about how much the toilet has made life so comfy.  It’s amazing…

Cleaning up poop no matter the form is pretty crappy (yes, thats a pun – there will be plenty).  It by far one of the biggest cost to raising a child, you can’t always stock up on diapers because you don’t really know growth rates.

We went from an N to a 1 to a 2 in the matter of a month stayed at 2 for a while then jumped to 3 and 4 quickly after… stayed there for a while and now at 5.

We go though 8 diapers a day (on a good day). Then you need to add the specialty diapers we use regular with cuts for walking and an overnight diaper.

We are on our second diaper pail because the first one was shitty, always putting foul odor out from (it was terrible) and it was a smaller size so would only hold two days worth of diapers.

When we’re on the move we use ziplock bags to keep the stink contained. We need to travel with 1.5 diapers per hour we’re out (6 diapers for 4 hours).

Don’t even get me started on the dozens of choices but there are two main companies huggies and pampers, which are practically the same thing. After that is the clothes that you use to wipe since you cant use toilet paper.

Yet the moment that will be ingrained into your brain is when you have to clean out the entire bath tub mid-bath because of a oops.  You’ll let the tub drain only to notice a ring around the tub, quickly followed by the fact that the bath drain isn’t letting the poop go down the drain.

It is in this moment I wished for him to be potty trained and yet once we cross that milestone and he’s no longer in diapers he wont be my little baby but he’ll be my little man.