It’s been a very long winter, plenty of snow fall – records in many places. If you ask someone from Texas they might say the end of the world is near with the amount of snow they’ve seen this year.

In the end the best part of the snow is running outside with the family all bundled up and getting pictures in the snow (while its still white and clean!).

Some quick winter time tips…

  • Keep your camera dry! electronics and water don’t mix unless you have a waterproof camera in which case they do.
  • If you’re using a DSLR and you notice that its taking longer and longer to snap that picture its just your camera FREEZING up (literally freezing) its not good for your camera to be in sub arctic weather.
  • Shot with the background in mind – having a bright white background is great but landmarks under snow are pretty incredible.
  • Use the snow – have a snowball fight, make snow angels, roll around and get your pants all covered in snow.
  • Change your perspective – get low.

These tips came from my wife Suzanne [ ].