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Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey’s FUNUNDRUM!! Review

Ringling Brothers and Barnum & Bailey’s slogan is that its the greatest show on earth. That is still true to this day, I haven’t seen another true circus since I was a little kid myself but I’ve seen a number of Cirque du Soleil which isn’t nearly the same.  The concept is still a three ring circus, which is broken out by light usually, there is a clear view of entertainment from any part of Madison Square Garden (MSG).

Before the show gets started they offer fans for about an hour before to come down to floor and take pictures with the performers.  The act is really the history of the circus it goes though the sideshow acts, the song/dance, the high-wire, the acrobats, the clowns, the motorcycles in the steel cage (one of my favorites), the animals of the wild west, and the elephants from India.  The show does a great job of bring all the historical elements together to make it fun and engaging to kids.

I felt like act 1 did get a little long but thought that act 2 was much faster paced and enjoyed it more! I would try to take younger children to the afternoon show if possible but the night show is great for those that can be up past 9pm.  The souvenirs are a little pricey but its the standard 10-40$ range.  The food was the same pricing as usual with the additions of a Kids Value meal.

The circus and the act are going are one of those once a year treats that you should really try to make happen.  Its great memories and hopefully you could write your own memory about your visit.  Other then this being Marc’s first visit to the circus, it was also his first time having a piece of popcorn (they grow up so fast).

My quick disclaimer that Ringling Brother and Barnum & Bailey’s Funundrum tickets were provided by them, but don’t worry this didn’t sway my judgment it was still an awesome show!

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