Godspell returns to Broadway in this modern revival – Discount Code & Ticket Giveaway

Long before Wicked was on broadway there was Godspell by Stephen Schwartz.  Its a very interesting take on a what I would have imagined being a very slow and drama filled play… it was rather up beat and popcorn-y.  I will say being not so religious myself this was a little much for me in that area but it still held my attention and I could totally see many people really enjoying this show.

There was a large interweave of comedy which really helped keep me interested in the show. It also helped that Jesus is played by Hunter Parrish, from TV’s “Weeds” (one of my favorite shows on TV) creates a group of followers out of disaffected, isolated youths gabbing on their cellphones. Pokes at Facebook, “Purple Rain,” Lindsay Lohan, childhood obesity, death of Khadafy, and Donald Trump kept me chuckling between the little bit of heavy parts.

I think this would be great for any teenager who wants a relevant connection to the content, this certainly isnt the play I’m taking anyone under the age of ten too. They really wont get the subject matter and will be ready to bolt the moment the first few scenes/acts are over.

This would be a good date night show since its located right off the northern end of times square. Just make sure you’re both cool with the religious aspects.  The great thing about the theatre is there isnt a bad seat since its done as theatre in the round.


$79.50 / $89.50 (Sat Eves)  Certain black out dates apply  Valid through 12/23/11


How to win it… Contest ends 11:59pm EST. November 16th, 2011.
1 lucky winner will get a two ticket voucher to see the show… Tell us who you would take to see the show and please include some method for us to contact you in the comment (twitter or email).
You get 1 extra entry for tweeting about this contest (you can do this daily). Must contain the following information: [email protected] @dadarocks http://dad.tc/teXPGR — and you must also leave comment on this blog with the link to your tweet.
Example: I want to win tickets to see @BwayGodspell  thanks to @dadarocks & @mamadramaNY – http://dad.tc/teXPGR
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You will have 24 hours to reply before we pick another winner!
Disclaimer: Thanks to Godspell for this prize. Please note this is limited to the USA. My tickets were provided by mamadrama for review.




Author: DaDa Rocks!

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  1. A whole bunch of my high school friends were in the original cast 40 years ago…

  2. I am just commenting and not entering (BCZ I am in California;). But my kids and I love the original Godspell with Victor Garber and the late Lynn Thigpen. My kids over 5 like it but they are familiar with all the parables (I believe they are all from Matthew) and some of the music is familiar bcz it was remade by DC Talk.

    I always wondered it the movie hadn’t been released at the same time that Jesus Christ Superstar was released if Godspell would have been bigger.

  3. I would bring my sister. I would love to be able to spend some kid free time with her!


  4. I would take my mom. She introduced me tol Godspell when I was five. If it weren’t for her I wouldn’t be the musical fan that I am today.

    I follow you on facebook and twitter!

  5. I would take my husband to the show!

    sierra0278 at aol dot com

  6. I follow Godspell on Twitter. Smallslice

  7. I follow you on Twitter. Smallslice

  8. I entered. I don’t know how to link a specific tweet, but here is my feed http://twitter.com/#!/Movidude74 and I have followed you and godspell, liked both on facebook and well everything on the list except the last one

    I did my email in the message sent under the contact link above

  9. My 9 year old sister who has never seen a Broadway show before! She’s heard me listen to the music of Godspell over and over again and now dances and sings the songs around the house all the time. Her favorite is “Bless the Lord”

    My tweet: http://twitter.com/#!/AnthonyGermano/status/135033295347007489
    (Following all twitters & fan on Facebook)

  10. I would like to take my best friend to see the show!

  11. I mean I follow DadaRocks and Godspell on Facebook. ww.facebook.com/margaritaviera

  12. I follow DadaRocks and Godspell on Twitter. @margaritaviera

  13. @Sarah, can u delete this comment? it was a mistake.

  14. I am following Godspell on twitter


  15. I am following dadarocks on twitter


  16. I am a fan of Godspell on FB and wrote dadarocks sent me

  17. I’m a FB fan of dadarocks and I wrote on their wall

  18. I would take my friend Meg! She and I met a year ago through a Broadway secret santa online and have become the best of friends! Unfortunately, she lives in Michigan and we haven’t been able to coordinate a time to meet in NYC! This past month we missed each other by just DAYS! I know she loves Hunter Parrish as well as the score so I think this would be an amazing show to call our first of many Broadway shows together! 🙂

    My twitter: @BroadwayHats 🙂
    I tweeted the contest, follow you and follow Godspell!

  19. I would take my son because he loves musicals and any time we spend together bonding is wonderful!

    my twitter: twitter.com/soingnurser, tweeted and followed!

  20. @Yvonne,

    I meant my twitter is twitter.com/soingnurse

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