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The Muppets are back

A few days ago, I took my family to a screening of The Muppets, thanks to Moms And The City. Disney Studios now controls the property it was excellent to see my childhood favorites on the big screen again – as you know its been a few years since they last were on the big screen. This isnt a remake, its actually a bit sad if you grew up watching the gang.  It shows them 20 years later and most of the world having forgot them. It also shows each of the gang doing their own thing.  Here’s the official description of the movie…

On vacation in Los Angeles, Walter, the world’s biggest Muppet fan, his brother Gary (Jason Segel) and Gary’s girlfriend Mary (Amy Adams) from Smalltown, USA, discover the nefarious plan of oilman Tex Richman (Chris Cooper) to raze the Muppet Theater and drill for the oil recently discovered beneath the Muppets’ former stomping grounds. To stage a telethon and raise the $10 million needed to save the theater, Walter, Mary and Gary help Kermit reunite the Muppets, who have all gone their separate ways: Fozzie now performs with a Reno casino tribute band called the Moopets, Miss Piggy is a plus-size fashion editor at Vogue Paris, Animal is in a Santa Barbara clinic for anger management, and Gonzo is a high-powered plumbing magnate. With signature celebrity cameos, Disney’s “The Muppets” hits the big screen Nov. 23, 2011.

Its a great movie for kids my only issue is that the humor of the muppets isnt there for the adults viewers – its much more corny it’ll work great for the kids but that second level of humor for the adults just isnt in the same league but with that said its Disney and it does a great job of putting the band back together! I’ll be honest I almost felt myself tearing up with the nostalgia of the old game