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10 Days of Gifting! Tegu Block Set Giveaway

Welcome to the ninth day out of our 10 days of gifting – Today we have a great set of the Tegu magnetic blocks. These blocks are awesome if you havent been following along @Tegu on twitter you’re missing some really cool handy work as they create custom requests just recently they did a Tegu 12 days of Christmas song which I thought was awesome – you can check it out below.

How do you win it?  you can tweet “ I want to win a set of @Tegu Blocks thanks to @dadarocks at http://bit.ly/ggWA42 ” and don’t forget you must follow @dadarocks as well and for an extra entry go to Facebook.com/DaDaRocks and on the wall “ I want to win a Tegu prize pack from DaDaRocks.com ” but you need to come back here and leave a comment that you did it.

Every day at random times we’ll be announcing a giveaway – it’ll only be for 24 hours! Also we’ll be switching up how to enter to win the prize. You may be asked to comment on a facebook post over at http://facebook.com/dadarocks or to post&follow @dadarocks on twitter.com http://twitter.com/dadarocks or you may just have to leave a comment on the thread.

(remember in order to write on the wall you must become a fan!)

Thanks to Tegu for providing this cool prize pack! but sorry this is limited to United States only

Tegu amazing wood blocks with magnetic personality – Review & Giveaway!

Have you heard of Tegu? Most of you are now shaking your head saying Huh?! Te-what? and to be honest thats how I felt until I saw these toys at the ABC kids expo a few weeks ago in vegas. These are really simple shapes of wood that have magnets buried inside of them.

So they click together with the magnetic bonds and the ability to play and build stuff has been great. My 2 year old hasnt stopped playing with them. Tegu recently kicked off this Live webshow of a master builder taking requests to build almost anything! I got two built out… I asked for a NYC Landmark and they did the empire state building (and of course along came king kong to knock it down) See that here: http://bit.ly/cSnbqM and my original request was for a train and they did a great job: http://bit.ly/cERoyC

There are many things I really like about this campaign – 1) is it shows you how to build these items yourself so you can become a building master and impress your kids 2) it really shows off a great use of social media for a product that isnt necessarily a toy that would be on social media.

Tegu blocks are wood so they are not just going to crack open and a really durable, the block sizes makes it hard for a child to choke on them… they’ve become a perfect toddler building gift in my mind. Here’s the one thing they’re a little pricey starting at $40. The newest line is of these color blocks which are totally super cool.

Check out http://tegu.com and if you really want to see what this living building is all about enjoy the following live stream!

Now its time for the giveaway!

How to win it… Contest ends 11:59pm EST. November 18, 2010.

You must comment telling us if these could be made out of any wood, which wood would you want to have them in?, please include some method for us to contact you in the comment (twitter or email)

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@tegu @dadarocks – http://bit.ly/c94ivx and you must also comment with the link to your twitter message.

Example: I want to win the awesome #TeguBlocks from @tegu Thanks to @dadarocks – http://bit.ly/c94ivx

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Disclaimer: Thanks to Tegu for the prize for this raffle.