Baseball: How To Play The Game: The Official Playing & Coaching Manual of MLB Book Review & Giveaway

Baseball: How To Play The Game: The Official Playing & Coaching Manual of MLB Book Review & Giveaway

Baseball: How To Play The Game: The Official Playing & Coaching Manual of Major League Baseball [Amazon] by Pete Williams. As spring training has just got underway, we’re reminded that its time to start thinking about little league too (like how I made that jump?!).  In all seriousness there are books that are just designed to look super pretty and gather dust on a coffee table, this isnt one of those books.  This books puts the best of the best Major League Baseball players right into an educational break out of drills, tips, advice and coaching.  From every aspect of this game there is a superstar right there giving you basic advice, talking about tips and highlighting key points for playing that position.

The comprehensive guide has fully illustrated with action photos of MLB stars illustrating key points and drills for each defensive position, this book also includes special tips from MLB players on batting, base running, the rules of the game, and coaching.  This will be an indispensable resource for anyone who wants to coach or play the game.

It really covers it all: Batting, Pitching, Base running and sliding, Specific drills for playing all defensive positions, Coaching and rules, Offensive and defensive strategy. Partial list of Big League tips on How to Play the Game: Tony Gwynn (hitting), Sammy Sosa (judging fly balls), Bernie Williams (playing the outfield), Mark Grace (approach to hitting), Alex Rodriguez (fielding ground balls), Jeff Bagwell (hitting), Roberto Alomar (fielding ground balls), Jaret Wright (pitching mechanics), Edgar Renteria (how to play SS), John Lackey (improving your pitching), Carlos Delgado (mastering 1B), Rocco Baldelli (basic approach at plate), Cristian Guzman (fielding ground balls), Danny Kolb (good approach on the mound), Dontrelle Willis (pitching strategies), Torii Hunter (playing the outfield), Jason Marquis (pitching with control), Chone Figgins (sliding), Orlando Cabrera (improving your game), Gary Bennett (becoming a better catcher), Ervin Santana (pitching under pressure), Mark Teixeira (playing 1B), Ryan Howard (hitting), Joey Gathright (playing the OF), Troy Tulowitzki (succeeding at the plate), Joel Zumaya (pitching with poise), Josh Johnson (pitching with confidence).

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Football Football Football TGIFootball!

Football Football Football TGIFootball!

The NFL is back in season and thankfully just in time – I need a good distraction and rooting for my favorite sport is just what the doctor ordered.  Sure week 1 was great – upsets, penalties that resulted in the change of the outcome (pet peeve), field goals, injuries, touch downs, and cheerleaders! yup we’ve got it all!

One thing I really didn’t like was Sunday nights game where Dallas had a last second penalty that changed the out come of the game and I really don’t think that’s how games should end – push them back 5/10 yards put 1 second on the clock and lets play. I’ve never been a fan of fact the game can end with a whimper instead of a bang!

The other thing I really enjoy about football is the side pools that are always running! My Uncle Jon runs a great little suicide (aka pick em) pool over at [Link] it starts week 2 – just in case you want in on the action.

My picks are pretty simple I think the Jets will do good this season, the Seahawks might impress you a bit, and the Titans are all going to be the strong teams this year. Who are you picking this season?

March Madness its brackets time!

March Madness its brackets time!

Here we are less then 36 hours from the start of the 2010 March Madness Tournament. If you’re looking to join in on the fun with some brackets, check out password: kids – Here is my pool for Dads and Moms out there.

Who are your picks? mine will be under lock and key until Thursday at noon, when the tourney kicks off.

Am I rooting for a team? nope, while Rochester Institute of Technology had sports (mainly hockey) I was a fan when I was there and certainly not a fan as an alumni (sad to say). I even thought about graduate school at a point because I wanted to be able to cheer for a school that had sports in its past and future.

Any tips in picking teams? nope, in years past I did great and never watched a game. Other years I’d watch a ton of college hoops and get my teeth kicked in.

I’m a mom blogger can my partner pick for me? Sure everyone is welcomed.

I’m a dad blogger can my partner pick for me? Sure everyone is welcomed.